Ms. Turner’s Class

2nd Grade ELAR

March 7-11, 2022

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Maybe this week we will be here the whole week. We are going to be busy so make sure you are on time and ready to go.

Important Dates to Know

Mar. 7th: Pancake Days-K, 4th, & 3rd Grade

Mar. 8th: Pancake Days-2nd & 1st Grade

Mar. 8th: 2nd Grade Music Performance for

Parents and Family 6:00 PM

Mar. 9th: 2nd Grade Music Performance for

School 8:30 AM

Mar. 11th: Yearbook Orders Due

Mar. 11th: 3rd Nine Weeks Ends

Mar. 14th-18th: Spring Break🌸

Announcements & Reminders

  • Please send a water bottle to school with your student.

What We Are Doing This Week


This week we are looking at The Point of View of the person who is telling the story we are reading. (ex. 1st person, 2nd person or 3rd person). We will be reading the story "Voices in the Park". We will also be talking about the story elements (characters, setting, theme of the story and their importance in helping us understand a story better).


Lesson 78 - Spelling with dge and ge

Lesson 79 - Spelling with ch and tch

Lesson 81 - The Rule v'/cv

Lesson 82 - Suffixes - ful, -ness

No Spelling test this week


Students will be working on writing 5 complete sentences (First word starts with a capital letter, subject and predicate agree, and correct ending punctuation) over a topic they are given.

Cursive: We are taking a break from cursive this week.

Teacher Information

My conference time is from 10:00-10:50. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.