Salem Colony

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  • The Salem Colony was founded in 1626 by Roger Conant. Along with him were a group of immigrants from Cape Ann.

  • The immigrants from the Old World were Puritans. Puritans had a very strict lifestyle that focused solely on pleasing God.

  • It was located northeast of Massachusetts near the Naumkeag River.

  • "Salem" was not the original name choice of the colony. The word "salem" is the Hebrew word for peace.

  • Salem Colony is infamously known for its witchcraft trials.

  • Salem was very poor and sparse.

  • The people of Salem left the Old World for religious freedom and to avoid religious persecution. However, when they settled into the New World, they began to persecute people who didn't follow their religion.
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The Salem Witch Trials

The witchcraft trials in Salem began in 1692, during the month of February.
Scholastic - Action Magazine: What happened in Salem?

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