Things that tick me off

There are some things that tick me off, for example I hate my little brother’s asking about computer new games ,it gets on my nerves, since first time I would permit neither that they make me waste time nor making me fell nervous . Not only do they ask me about games, but also about music! I’m really annoyed by drivers making noise. Not only they make me fell stressed but I can’t stand them.

Other thing is when you are talking with him or her suddenly they receive a call from his friends and leaves me waiting several minutes. I really hate that!

In addition when I go to the cinema to see the most famous movie and other people during times of the movie more important make noise and sometimes speak loudly , I can’t bear it and when my friends make me questions about the movie I say: I was terrible I don’t want to talk about it. Finally, When I go to the library I wait to be relax and sometimes many people listen to music extremely high but I’ll can bear if the music is relaxing however It’s horrible .. It’s metal! I don’t like people’s listening music.