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March Madness and Celebrations of Learning

It is March ya'll! In Kentucky, this is a very important month...although admittedly, my beloved Wildcats were eaten by the Gators twice this year! This time of year is called March Madness for a reason, after all, it is the testing season in Florida. While I love basketball and I love March for College Basketball, I also love March Madness as it begins the time when the work of the school year pays off as students are able to confidently enter the mandated state testing and document their growth over the course of the year. Our academic goals are far-reaching in our first year, but I believe our students will rise to the challenge. Our approach to instruction is very different and we will see if our work was fruitful. I have no doubt our students have grown. In fact, our teachers were speaking today how proud we are of them as they have had to adjust in ways they likely never expected.

In many cases, our students have moved from a passive educational environment to an environment that expects and requires high levels of student engagement. It has been exciting to watch students progressively adjust and grow in this model of engagement. Our team has learned a few things about what this instructional structure looks like and we love what we are experiencing. We are working diligently to better prepare for new structures next year that will allow our teachers to balance and manage the work of personalizing learning for our students. BNS Families, it is an exciting time and we are thankful for your support!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Treece

Reminder, No School on Monday!

We are off school on Monday, March 12. This is a professional development day for our teachers.

Bake Sale


We need your help for the Grand Opening at Babcock Ranch this Saturday. BNS will be having a Bake Sale to raise money for our Lucy Calkins classroom libraries. Please click BNS Bake Sale Sign Up Genius to list what item(s) you will provide.

  • Items will need to be individually labeled, packaged, and priced. Items will be sold for $1 and $2.

  • Please keep this in mind when packaging your goodies, and price accordingly. For example, a large cookie may be priced $1 and two or more smaller cookies may be packaged together for $1. Please keep in mind that we have no way to refrigerate items.

  • Parent volunteers and students will be available in the car line on Friday to pick up food donations.

  • Before and Aftercare families can drop items off during your drop off or pick up. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this fundraiser.

It is a GREAT opportunity for us to earn for much-needed materials for our classrooms.

Yearbook Sales Coming Soon!

Our BNS School Yearbooks are being sold and paid for through Script. The cost of our yearbook is $25 and must be ordered through the Script App once the sales open. I know it is hard to believe, but in an effort to be proactive, we are asking you to download the Script App and create your account. Please see QR Code and directions in the picture below to get set up. You will receive an email to link your student to your account. Once you link your student then you will log into Script, select Yearbook, and pay directly. It is a very intuitive app (we have implemented Script in before/after care and have gotten very positive feedback on user-friendliness). Our partnership with Script is new and they are working with us to create an easier way to collect forms and paperless for our "green" community!

If you need any assistance, please feel free to email Michelle Hendrzak at and she will be happy to assist.

Big picture

Cumulative Folder Reviews and Request for FSA Scores

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are auditing our cumulative folders to ensure that all the required information is included and accurate. In the next week or so, if you receive a request for a document, we kindly ask you to complete and return.

One piece that we know we need from most families is previous FSA Scores from students from Lee County. Please make us a copy and send those in as we need to get them entered into FOCUS for growth monitoring purposes. We are trying to work with Lee County to get them, but at this point, it would be much faster if you just send them to us to get them entered. It is imperative for us to get this information into our records. Please have your child provide them to the teacher and the teachers will then get to our office. Thanks in advance for your help.

iReady Guidance for Parents (3rd - 6th)

Our team continues to work through various hurdles with iReady and the academic struggles that some of our students are experiencing. It is important to me that I hear from you, but I think it is equally as important for you to hear from our team on what we are experiencing. In the recent weeks, we have heard some interesting comments from some of our students and concerns from families. Here is some of our perspective:

Student A: Does not have internet access at home. Desires to achieve high growth despite major academic gaps. Admittedly, doesn't love iReady. Admittedly, shares iReady has improved their performance. Gives up recess weekly to meet the goal set.

Student B: Has internet access at home. Struggles focusing during the day and does not complete enough needed to make the goal. The parent reached out to our team and we were able to implement a support plan to teach focus skills necessary to be successful in an academic environment that requires a high-level engagement (iReady, requires a high level of focus). The student comes early to school to receive support from our staff in the morning and they are able to focus more clearly.

Student C: Reports to class and broadcasts to peers that his/her mother/father has told them not to do iReady in class. They share they don't understand. They don't like iReady. Upon the teacher looking at the time spent on a lesson, the teacher realizes the student is clicking through the questions without reading. The teacher reaches out to parents for support and educates parent on what we can see from the data on our side of the program. All while the message from home is that what the school is doing is not important.

We have all of these examples and many in between. For those who are committing to excellence and partnering with us to work through the hurdles, we are beyond appreciative and you can probably skip the rest of this content.

iReady is hard. It requires focus to listen for the answers and problem-solving skills. It requires more than 10 minutes on the lessons and just clicking through to the finish. The data is showing that many of our students are not focusing on the content and listening to learning. They are clicking to finish. Our team knows the struggles are real, but it takes a positive effort by everyone for us to move the work down the road productively. Here are ways you can help your child with iReady:

  • Be present as they work and make sure they are taking their time and listening to the material. It is clear that students are not taking the time to listen to the lessons that will help them perform. Our staff has actually been going in and doing lessons to time them for a good comparison. It is taking our staff three times the time that most of the students who are having difficulty are spending on the lesson.
  • Encourage them to focus. This is a skill that requires patience and practice. Find a quiet location or time to complete the lessons. In our home, we found that while it seemed a good idea for the lessons to be completed during dinner prep, the reality was there were too many distractions.
  • Stay calm. Students are going to struggle, that is normal and expected as we are pushing them in different ways that they are likely not used to with our instructional approaches. They need you to keep a level head and encourage them to slow down and do their best. I would encourage to refrain from "venting" your frustrations about the program in front of your child as that creates a counterproductive environment. Absolutely let us know the hardships in an effort to help us improve our work, that is the engagement we desire in order to make our school better today than it was yesterday.
  • Engage with staff in a positive manner about the expectations of the academic rigor at BNS. Please contact us if you need support and understand that we can provide extensive data and insight on your child as needed. Each child is different and it is imperative we meet each child where they are in their learning journey.

Our team continues to learn and modify for each individual child, but we need you to partner with us on this work and support our focus in growing your child academically. This requires many different approaches and I will remind again that the time we spend in iReady is about 6% of the day. Keep this in perspective as you communicate with your child as this piece is a critically important piece in our work to differentiate for each child and close academic gaps.

All that stated, it is becoming more and more clear that the skills our children need go well beyond academia and include being able to focus and organize their thoughts in a variety of settings without shutting down. This has been a challenge our team has experienced with our different approach to classroom instruction with our students as well as in iReady. Our work to develop academic competencies and skills continues to be validated with our formal and informal assessments.

The good news is we have a quality team of teachers with a plethora of experience from which to build our continued work upon. Stay BNS strong as we develop excellence among our students academically and prepare them to be critical thinkers, finishers, collaborators, and problem solvers. This work is hard, but it is good. I am thankful to all who help us improve our work and partner with us to make these processes easier and balanced for everyone! The statement, "it takes a village", is truthful. Hang tough, I know you are seeing growth as we are each and every day.

If you have a 3rd extra proud as they are going to earn an extra celebration for their efforts, but is a surprise!

Incredible Support Staff

I always love to keep you informed about the work at BNS. In the last few months, we have been able to secure two lovely individuals that will be fulfilling our Speech/Language and Occupational Therapy needs here at BNS. This is after months of trying to find the right people and I feel like we hit it perfectly with both of these individuals. They are both wonderful with our students and have embraced our mission and vision at Babcock and have jumped right in to serve our students. They are each here on an as-needed basis. A huge shout out to Shelly Gelardi (Speech/Language Pathologist) and Donna Brink (Occupational Therapist) for being such wonderful collaborative partners to our staff, students, and families.

A huge "Thank You" to Mrs. Keaney who helped us onboard and prepare them to literally hit the ground running out here at BNS. Always trailblazing!

Attendance @ BNS (Repeat Section)

Our Child Study Team is beginning to look closely at absences and tardies and the impact it is having on our school. At this time, we are documenting in FOCUS and contacting families who are in violation of the school and district expectations. If you are an out of county student in violation of the attendance policy, your seat can be revoked. It is imperative that your children are in school every day we are in session. Absences and tardies impact academic performance, and our teachers and I are definitely feeling the impact of having to reteach often due to family vacations or extended weekends.

Tardies are a point of emphasis for us at this time as well. Please note that four tardies (coming late or leaving early) equal one absence.

In planning your vacations next year, please ensure that you are scheduling those when we are out of session. Attendance is a critical piece of academic success.

If your student is experiencing sickness, please send a note with your child upon their return.

**Please take a look at the Student Code of Conduct on pages 16-18 and review attendance policy if you have questions, feel free to give us a call. We are here to help and support our families in this endeavor.

State Testing (Repeat Section)

It is beginning! It is imperative that our students attend and complete the assessments. Our school score is based on our performance, and our charter contract with Charlotte County is based on our performance. We must have 95% attendance for our scores to count. It is imperative that we meet these criteria and earn a grade. Please make sure your child is here during all assessments to help us achieve our requirements.

This is an opportunity for Babcock Neighborhood School to prove that our philosophy and integration of PBL is effective and worthy of the work to implement the model. There have certainly been challenging hurdles this year across the board, but we are excited for our students to have the opportunity to show what they know in regard to the expected standards for mastery.

**Please also note that the state assessments are required in the Charlotte County Progression Plan. If you need clarity or understanding around these assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Again, we are excited for our students to show what they know this Spring and celebrate their learning.

Dress Code Survey

Our new vendor is awesome! Just FYI, I submit an order every other Friday. In order to place an order, I need 12 polos or 12 Tie Dyed shirts at a minimum. I have currently taken down the TD shirts as the ordering of those have slowed down. If you need a TD shirt, contact the office, and if we have the size you can pay on MSB. Then, we will get you the shirt.

In an effort to plan for next year, please complete this link with some input on your preferences for uniforms. This will allow us to consider your input in our decision making.

Also, we hope to have a few options for Adult clothing in the upcoming weeks! We have been trying some options out among our staff and believe we have some great items to offer our families.


I owe a THANK YOU to our volunteers who have been helping in the classroom and office. The amount of work they are accomplishing each day is helping us meet our demands. I am extremely appreciative of their commitment and willingness to help. Volunteerism wears off by middle/high school, and it has made my heart full to see the involvement and support. It has been refreshing and a positive experience for me at BNS! Thank you all!

If you are still reading and would like to help here are some needs:

  • Donations needed: pencils (sharpened, if you don't mind), copy paper, Lysol wipes, tissues, paper towels for classroom projects...anything school related we can always put to good use.
  • If you are interested in helping in classrooms, please reach out to the teachers. We are needing more help all the time and if you have a specific skill set that you can offer, let us know.
  • Details to come for help needed for a BNS Bake Sale on March 10th! There is a huge kick-off and we plan to be offering school tours to visitors and having a Bake Sale to help support our continued technology and library needs. I am being told there will be thousands, so those of you who are bakers..."get your bake on". We will be recruiting volunteers to help make this happen! More to come very soon!

Treece Talks--Date Change Due to a District Conflict

Wednesday, March 14th, 9am

BNS Media Center

Tentative Agenda

  • Welcome and Objective

  • Objective: Parents will be able to understand the Summit Program and how this model will support our implementation of Project Based Learning.

    • Mrs. Treece and Team will explain Summit in detail and allow parents to see the platform that will be utilized in grades 4-8 if we are fortunate enough to be awarded the grant.

    • Hiring Procedures

    • Other Housekeeping:

      • Testing

      • Attendance

      • New Building

  • Adjourn

Bully Button

BNS is working hard to build a culture of kindness in our daily interactions. In our work to teach students kindness, we address daily how we should interact with each other in respectful ways. We do ask your help in speaking to your own BNS students about treating everyone with kindness, and if there are issues that arise we do have a "Bully" Button for anonymous reporting as needed (located on our home web page). Please remember you do not have to use the button, you are always welcome to give me a call. I will address any concerns immediately. The link to the reporting form is below.