7 facts about Medicine

Ashley Simon

Fact 1 : Modern Biotechnology

Modern Biotechnology can be used to manufacture drugs more easily & cheaply. They can also be produced in larger quantities from existing genetic sources.

fact 2 : Active Robotic prothesis (wearable robotic devices)

Technology now allows us to replicate the actions of a person's body movement/muscles. They mimic the natural human body movement.
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Fact 3 : Molecular Breast images

Mammography has been the leading method for breast cancer. (MBI) is a safe & a more powerful scan which serves as an encouraging alternative for mammography.
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Fact 4: Modern Telehealth

Telehealth supports more efficient diagnosis , treatment and care management for the patients by allowing doctors to share and access diagnostic images, videos & patient data.
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Fact 5 : functional magnetic resonance imaging

This typeof technique allows to track blood flow in the brain to monitor areas of activity. It can also be used to monitor the growth of brain tumors & help to see how the brain is doing after a stroke and lastly help with the diagnosis of alzheimer disease.
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Fact 6: Minimally invasive robotic surgeries

Instead of incisions that leave scars robotic surgeries only leave a few marks on the body. Also earlier to recover.
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Fact 7 : Laser surgeries

Laser surgeries allows for accurate focus on small parts of your body like eyes.
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