The .COM Gazette

By: Candace Myers

New Mural on Taliaferro and Fifth Street

On Taliaferro and Fifth Street a mural was painted in memory of Jimmy Lyons; a former soldier in the Vietnam War who died in battle. He was the artist's cousin. Frieda Morris a local resident said "The mural is amazing. It shows freedom and liberation. The mural has some of my heroes like Marin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman. It is beautiful and miraculous". The local barber shop owner, Mr. Eubanks, gave the artist permission to paint on the wall. He, like other local residents, hopes the wall will stay there forever.

The Mural on Taliaferro and Fifth Street


Zebra Back in the Race

It has been a year since Adam Martin "Zebra" Zebrin stopped running after being hit by a car one day while he was running. Once the doctor gave him permission to let him run again he started training to run marathons and he also joined his school's track team. Then he found out about the New York City Marathon in New York City, New York. He trained for six months, three hours a day, six days a week. He ended up getting 112th place in the marathon. Zebra said "It was cold outside but it was the greatest time in my life. I loved the way the wind felt against my face as I ran. It was a lot of work but in the end it was worth it". He plans on running in the marathon again next year.

Zebra After Training


Aturo Hernandez died at age 84, on November 6, 2013. He died of a heart attack. He originally lived in Puerto Rico, but he moved to the United States when he was 26. He had been living at the Golden Years nursing facility for six years. His daughter said " He was a great father, husband, brother and grandfather. He always was a strong fighter. He always loved to teach and he loved to write and tell stories. He will be missed and always loved". The funeral will be held at three o, clock in the afternoon at Davidson Funeral Home this Saturday.

$100,000 Stolen from Banks Across United States

Jimmy Valentine stole up to $100,000 from banks across the United States. He is known for having quick getaways and having state-of-the-art safe cracking tools. One bank owner said" Jimmy Valentine stole $10,000 from me. He's making me lose some of my accounts. It's a shame people do these kinds of things. I hope he can get his self back together soon". Detective Ben Price stated " We've been looking for Valentine for months. He's been one of our main priorities. We finally have put an end to this. We will make sure all of the money is returned". He was arrested in Springfield, Illinois. He will be going on trial on November 16th. It is said that he will have a four year sentence to jail. No statement from his lawyer.

Jimmy Valentine in Jail

Dear Gandalf

Dear Gandalf,
I'm having a hard time asking a girl out. I'm in seventh grade and every time I try to ask her out, I end up embarrassing myself. What should I do?

- A Guy in Love

Dear A Guy in Love,
Here's what you should do; you should write her a letter that tells her the way you feel about her. Then you should stick it in her locker. I did this when I was your age and it worked.


Gandalf The Grey