How To Build A Successful Business

Tips & Advice From Current Business Owners

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business

-Why am I choosing to start a business?

-Do I have the financials to go through with funding my business?

-What will my business be/what will I be selling/making?

-Where is a good location to start my business?

-What type of business am I going to start? (i.e. Sole Proprietor, Limited/General -Partnership, Corporation)

-What will the cost of my production recourses be?

-Is the product I am wanting to sell a desired item on the market?

-Will I make a profit?

-What is my backup plan?

"People Don't Plan To Fail, They Fail to Plan". -Benjamin Franklin

Tips & Advice

-''Surround yourself around the best people you can and give them an opportunity to do what they love to do best. Each one of my staff and faculty are leaders themselves. I cannot succeed without them.''(John Stonecipher: President and CEO of Guidance Aviation Inc. as well as Small Business Person Of The Year Winner)

  • Before starting your business, make sure you have the right people to support you along the way. Without these, success will be much harder to attain.

-"Try to find a mentor if possible...". (Charles Hammond: Presidnet and CEO of Raining Rose)

  • Having someone with experience to give tips and advice for starting your business as well as maintaining it can be a very helpful tool to have.

-"Do not underestimate the amount of effort, perseverance, and discipline that is required to be successful...There will be problems and you must be ready mentally, physically, and spiritually to deal with them. If you are starting a business to get rich and work less, then you are on the wrong path." (Noah Thomas Leask: President and CEO of ISHPI)

  • DO NOT make a business without knowing all the details; Know what the cost of recourses will be as well as other factors such as space, rent, location, etc. Always remember that what you put into a project is what you will get out of it. In other words, the more hours and effort you put into making your product(s), advertising your product(s) and selling your product(s) will most likely result in better outcomes.