DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 9

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Expect Some Fidgeting

Listening during reading time does not have to be a stationary activity. Some listeners will sit still as stones with eyes and ears fixed on you, and that's great. But other listeners stay more engaged with something in their hands like a small toy, some crayons, or a stuffed animal. Some children might listen better if allowed to walk around the room, or even bounce on the bed a bit. Work together to find the way that works best for your child.

Chapter 9: Is That Carlotta?

Chapter 9: Vocabulary Terms

  • fussing (pg 114) - complaining, worrying, showing concern
  • hubcaps (pg 115) - round metal plates on outside of car wheels
  • dawn on (pg 115) - to realize or begin to understand
  • recognition (pg 116) - realize you know someone
  • possession (pg 116) - ownership
  • traitor (pg 116) - a person who is not loyal
  • settling up (pg 121) - paying someone what you owe
  • savor (pg 121) - to enjoy
  • debt (pg 122) - money owed
  • twinge (pg 122) - a sudden feeling

Chapter 9: Trivia Questions

  1. What surprises Gavin about Richard's house?
  2. Who did Gavin find walking Carlotta?
  3. How did Nikki get Carlotta?
  4. How did Gavin prove to Nikki that Carlotta was his aunt's dog?
  5. How much money did Uncle Vestor give Gavin?

Chapter 9: Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think Gavin will do with his extra $10?
  2. What were the three miracles that Gavin felt happened that Saturday?

Family Activity: From a Pet's Point of View

With your family, come up with a story of Carlotta's escape from her point of view. Elaborate on her thoughts and feelings.


Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
Big picture

"I don't know what's goig to happen if we don't find that dog." (pg 110) Gavin's mother worrying about what will happen with Aunt Myrtle if they don't find Carlotta.