by Mahala Miller


Peasants wore rough wool or linen, they usually had one pair of clothing that the women provided they had a color range to browns, reds or grays. Women also wore long dresses as men wore tunics both along with clogs and long stockings. In cold weather they wore cloaks, mittens and hats made of wool or sheepskin. children wore similar clothing.


Peasants mainly lived off the land, their diets consisted of porridge, bread and certain meats. near their homes they had small gardens and they had fruit and nut trees.


Peasants lived on their lords manor, their houses were made of stones or small branches covered with mud and straw, generally had two rooms in winter animals stayed in a common room that had a fireplace with small windows with no glass, and candles to light up a room


All marriages were arranged by parents and they choose someone from the same village Men were the head of the household and the wife was his property and could be treated in any way he wanted men could divorce wives but wives could not divorce men.