It's Summertime!

Volume 1, Issue 3: June 5, 2020

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In This Issue...

We have a special June issue for you! Summer has begun and they are so many fun things you can do. We have ideas to inspire you and help you have some fun during the next three months. Our staff created a great summer newsletter for you all, we hope you enjoy!


Your Monthly Chuckle

by Rose

Grade 6

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Summer Activities

We have some great ideas for you to have fun this summer! From hiking to theatre, there's something for everyone to enjoy!


  • Afton State Park
  • Frontenac State Park
  • William O'Brien State Park
  • Willow River State Park
  • Kinnickinnic State Park
  • Belwin Conservancy
  • Fairy Falls
  • Lake Elmo Park Reserve


  • Ashland Productions and The Phipps Center for the Arts are offering online summer theatre classes!
  • At Ashland, ages 4-18 can take fun acting classes, some online and some in person!
  • The Phipps has exciting virtual theater camps for middle and high school ages!



  • Kari's Create and Paint Studio
  • Loop Trail (see info below)
  • Fawn Doe Rosa
  • Taylors Falls Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Franconia Sculpture Park

Ideas from StoryArk-Survive and Thrive

Lift and Loop Trail

The great Stillwater Lift Bridge closed in 2017 due to the opening of the new St. Croix bridge. Throughout the past three years, the Lift Bridge underwent renovations and was not open to the public. On June 1st, the Lift Bridge reopened for biking and walking. The new trail that goes over the bridge is called the ‘Loop Trail’. The Loop Trail is a 4.7 mile route that connects Houlton, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota. There are gardens and other landscape features along the way for you to enjoy.

Summer Songs

Creative Writing Intensive!

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Join us August 3-13 for either one or two weeks of writing fun! Explore fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama during our online camp via Zoom! You will encouraged and inspired by published authors such as the Penumbra Podcast creators, Emmy award winning writer Ken Levine, fantasy series writers Charles Carpenter and Ski-ter Jones, national bestselling author Jennifer Mathieu, comic book writer Ryan North, and urban fantasy novelist Kevin Hearne.



by Rose

Grade 6

It’s summer, when animals come out to play

And children are happy because they can lay

In bed all day if they like

Or they can go outside and take a hike

Will they play outside all day with their friends?

Or will they lay in the hammock, reading the book their friend lends?

No algebra, no grammar, no homework, no school

Only tag, friends, and swimming in the pool

Everyone’s so happy! But when September comes

No more juicy plumbs

When school’s up again

And you’re cooped up in that pen

But just look on the bright side! (if you can)

In a couple months you’ll get to build a snowman!

Fairly Odd Happenings at Fairy Falls

by Amanda

Grade 9

"Did it really burn down?” I ask with my head turned towards my friend as I cross the dusty road into the forest.

“I know, I couldn’t believe it until I saw it,” My friend Gabi says as she clutches the white plastic garbage bags.

We pause near the sign for Fairy Falls, once an intriguing monument destroyed by time and impulsivity. This private place is filled with serenity, the polar opposite of Niagara Falls. Gabi and I pull on our weathered gloves and traverse down the rocky trails into the ravine. Even in the first couple of yards, the nature valley is covered in dozens of food wrappers and beer cans.

When I reach the bridge, I look down at the water flowing down into the depths of the fern-filled gully. The Fairy Falls of my childhood ran strong, constantly splattering tiny droplets of water everywhere.

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Film Camp

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Learn how to produce films during this fun class on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer via Zoom! Learn about storyboards, screenplays, directing, shooting, editing, and more with guest artists such as Emmy award winning writer Kevin Levine, television actor Charles Carpenter, L.A. cinematographer Ski-ter Jones, and casting associate Ellie Abrams. Dates are June 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, July 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30, August, 11, 13.
Short Story Writing Camp

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Make your short stories come alive through individual and collaborative projects! Learn techniques to capture reader's interest, telling a compelling narrative, and creating dynamic characters. Dates are June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8.

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