By Fredrika Helliker

CPU - central processing unit

CPU processes the raw data and turns it into information. Alternatively referred to as a processor or microprocessor, the CPU was first developed by Intel in 1979 and is short for Central Processing Unit. The computer CPU is responsible for handling all instructions it receives from hardware components and software programs running on the computer.

Today, there are several different manufactures of computer processors. However, Intel and AMD are the leaders in the PC market.

Many new computer users may improperly call their Computer and even sometimes their monitor a CPU. When referring to your computer or monitor it is proper to refer to them as either computer or monitor and not CPU.

The cost of CPUs from these 2 stores are:

Intel - Anywhere between £500 and £1000
AMD - Anywhere between £200 and £500

This short clip is on how a CPU is made

How a CPU is made