Massachusetts 54th Exhibit

A look at the Massachusetts 54th All African American Unit

Who were The Massachusetts 54th

They were a African American Unit

Training of the Massachusetts 54th

They Had to start with basics because they were mostly slaves so they dont know general knowledge

Facing Discrimination

They had to put up with people being racist

Their arrival in South Carolina

Rawlins got promoted to sargent major which was the highest rank that a black person can get at that time. He doesnt know if he wants to lead them or not though. There was a party that was thrown for them.

Thier 1st assignment in South Carolina

The false reason for the assignment was to get supplies the real reason was to burn down the town.

No Fighting just Manual Labor for Massachusetts 54th

They had to move things steal things and do all the manual labor.

Their First Battle Assignment on James Island

They shot then let the other side shoot and then shot again and went back and forth and then had hand to hand combat. Thomas was injured

Night Before and Morning of Their Attack on Fort Wagner

They were celebrating. They were getting praised and were giving speeches and having a good time. Then on the beach they were taking in last moments

The Outcome

As they ran down the beach they started getting killed and they hid in sand dunes till night time. Then they fought their way into the fort and started to kill lots of people. They all ended up dieing . They never took fort wagner.