General Election = Game of Thrones

They're basically the same thing

If the UK political parties were houses from Game of Thrones

Power hungry elite who despise the filthy poor people they hold dominion over
Probably the best chance of something that resembles justice.

...led by a man who killed his brother to get to the top

Proud Northmen with more than a drop of wild wolfblood, pretty nifty in a scrap
If Nige gets in and Red Weddings us all, don't say you weren't warned
Cos, y'know... flowers and stuff

Screwed over and destroyed by the Lannisters.

Don't remember House Reynes?
Don't worry - in a few weeks time you won't remember the Lib Dems either.

And finally...
She's coming to take over... but she's taking her sweet time about it.

Hope that helped make things clearer for anyone still on the fence. Happy voting.