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How to Catch a Criminal

To start you must find a criminal, once this has been done you must bribe him. When he finally is happy tell him to go commit a crime. Once this has been completed he must run as fast as he can, if he doesn't do this the operation will not be successful.

Once your criminal has began to run, you must run as SLOW as possible. This will make him think that he is safe, but in reality he isn't. Then step on the gas, not the brake THE GAS! You can not afford to have a bathroom break, the whole entire world is depending on your decision....... RUN!

When you finally catch up you must say something that will get his attention. These are some example; wait you forgot your change or your shoe is untied, they always work. Then take your money back and make him go to your fabric shop and make him buy something with his own money. Finally you must call the police because after all he is a criminal.

By: Amir

Picture Caption: A police man chasing a man, but he is wanted for robbery of candy and for murdering a cake with a knife. He is extremely dangerous.

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