Fairmount Elementary

December 2017

Upcoming Events at Fairmount

  • December 5th at 6 pm - PTA - Pirate Holiday Program
  • December 15th at 12:30 pm - Early Dismissal
  • December 18th - January 1st - Holiday Break

AR Update

Did you know that the Box Tops you find on many grocery items help fund our AR rewards? Please save and clip those Box Tops and send them to school. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, and they really add up. Thank you for helping fund our AR trophies, 100 Point Club shirts, our upcoming Candy Scramble, 80s Prom, and Top Reader field trip.

In addition, we collect Campbell’s Soup Labels/Labels for Education. This program is coming to an end on December 31. If you have been saving any of these labels at home, please send them to school for our final submission. Thanks for supporting our Library!

'Tis the Season ... for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu season is here along with a wide variety of other illnesses. This can be a difficult situation for parents because we want to help our children be healthy but they need to go to school and we need to go to work. So, what do we do?

At Fairmount, we offer the Niswonger Children's Virtual Health Clinic! When your child needs medical attention during the school day, your child can have virtual access to Mountain States Health Group medical professional without leaving the nurse's office. Using telemedicine technology, the students can receive quality healthcare in the convenience of the school setting.

Understanding Chronic Absenteeism

If children aren’t in school, they don’t learn. Improving school attendance improves success in school.

What is a the definition of a Chronically Absent student?

  • It is a student who has missed 10 percent or more of instructional days for any reason including excused or unexcused absences as well as out-of-school suspensions.

What are the guiding beliefs about attendance?

  • All students should have the opportunity to learn.
  • Student attendance is linked with academic outcomes.
  • All absences - excused and unexcused, sporadic and consecutive - represent lost instructional time.
  • Attendance matters for students in all grades. In fact, the harmful effects of poor attendance are cumulative.

Link between Chronic Absenteeism and Academic Outcomes in Tennessee

  • Tennessee students who are chronically absent in kindergarten are 15 percentage points less likely to reach proficiency in either third grade math or ELA.
  • Tennessee students who are chronically absent in ninth grade are 30 percentage points less likely to earn an on-time diploma.
  • Even chronically absent students who do graduate are 36 percentage points less likely to enroll in a post-secondary institution.

What is Fairmount doing to help reduce chronic absenteeism?

  • We are working to better understand students attendance history and to monitor absenteeism patterns regularly.
  • We are communicating the importance of attendance and the negative impact of chronic absenteeism with parents.
  • We are working toward a more pro-active plan to provide support to chronically absent students with various interventions.
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