We Want To See You!

Your Leaders Are Coming To Your Backyard

Don't Miss This Chance to Get Ready to Rock Your Fall & Have FUN Sept 14th & 15th!

Hello Northern New England Sparkles,

Save September 14th or 15th
This message comes to you as Senior Director Carrie McGraw, Star Natalie Knowles, Star Michelle Whitney and I prep to wow you with fantastic events in YOUR backyard. Whether you are planning to make a MINT this Fall ($2,000-$10,000) or want to buy a cute pair of fancy shoes ($500?), this training is for you. Have taken time off your business? We'd love to show you the latest and help you hop back in!

We've Grown Big Enough to Have Our Own Bootcamps!

We're taking it to a whole new level, which is a huge compliment to YOU for what you've done to spread the Stella & Dot love! We have grown so much since the first meeting I held with 2 other stylists (including Lisa Kendrick) in South Portland, Maine back in the summer of 2010. With our team continuing to grow, and our leadership ranks growing too, we are ready to save you the trek to Boston (unless that best suits you) and are doing Fall Re-entree Bootcamps in South Portland, Maine and Brattleboro, Vermont on top of Boston!

Here's the catch...YOU MUST COME!...or Next Time We'll Be Back In Boston!

We are so excited to make it easier for you not to miss out on this bi-annual training, that ONLY has been in Boston in the past. By bringing these events closer to your backyard, which is especially great with many of you going back to teaching jobs or sending your kids off for another great school or college year, we are trying to make fitting your business in with a busy time of year easier! While your leaders and I are thrilled to put this training on for you, it's a lot of effort for us, so we'd love to see a full room of women that are ready to rock their Fall or just restart their businesses! Show us the love..or it's back to Boston! ;)

South Portland Will Have a Special Guest! Senior Director, Carrie McGraw

Here's a chance to not only to have fun & get ready to achieve your goals, but it's also a chance to meet and connect with Carrie! Carrie has been with Stella & Dot for 4 years and will bring her expertise that earned her over $200k last year! Don't you want to know how she did it? She's got 3 kids, a husband that works full time and all the same other craziness that we have in our lives, but does that stop her? No, ma'am!

We look forward to seeing you, so kindly register ahead, so we'll have plenty of treats and surprised to pamper you, fill your cup and get your business ready to roll...

Love and a Fabulous Fall to you,

Ginger, Michelle & Natalie

What Do I Do Now?

#1: Sharpie In The Date & Register!

#2: Invite Guests To Learn More (Those Signed Up By 9/2 Get A Jewelry Gift)!

#3: Start Thinking About Want You Want This Fall!

#4: Enjoy Labor Day & Look Fwd to Fun With Fabulous Women