By: Aaron Jones

What are Hotlines?

They are phone lines that people can call when they have a addiction or problem that they think they need to fix and want help with. They are for people that have serious problems with somethings
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What Services do they Offer

They offer services that help a person calling to find help such as a alcoholic find help in the area around them. They also may send help to the person even if they said they don't wont help if it is urgent enough.

There are many kinds of hotlines such as:

  • Suicide
  • Alcohol
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medical
  • Teen Help

Does it Help

Many people think that the hotlines do not help enough because people who need them wont want to call. However studies have shown that people who do call are much more likely to get help and get treated

Webpages for Hotlines : Has numbers for various hotlines : Is a webpage that has various ways to find and get help

Hotline Phone Numbers

1-800-662-4357 Is the national hotline

800-331-2900 Is an alcohol hotline

800-262-2463 Is a substance abuse hotline