Nate's Weekly update!

The great outdoors and how to enjoy them more!

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Get out there!

This week make sure to have an adventure. Life is definitely worth living you just have to find it! Take a camping trip with the family to the mountains or find some trail. You never know where a simple path may lead. Make sure you bring all your supplies you don't want to be left stranded with help or the wrong equipment. Some useful supplies that will make your trip is not miserable but a memorable one is sunscreen,pleanty of water, a hat, bug spray, and some food (depending on how long your gone). Now get out there and enjoy Nature at its best!
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Is Big foot out there?

Have you ever felt that you are being watched? do the hairs on your neck sometimes seem to stand up for no reason when you are alone in the woods? well you might not be as alone as you think you are. Recent news has brought us there was another big foot sighting in the woods near Apex. Many reports have been false lately and was just a couple of deer rummaging through campsites. But on july 30th we have someone who claims they saw big foot face to face. "He was ten feet tall" says local forrest ranger Dan "I never seen anything like it in all my years!" Dan has been in wildlife preservation for over 35 years and is what we call an expert in the industry. So is big foot out there? you decide...

How Americans should Live.

America has the potential to be the greatest Nation on this planet, but we need your help, we all need your help. Unity is what we all as individuals should be working on to gather for world peace. If we could all stove to become more humble and do some good in tyne world each day imagine the impact you could have on the lives of those who are having a rotten day. We can't leave one person behind! because it is one sour attitude that can bring down hundreds! so if you see someone who is sad go out of your way and do everything in your power to make their day special, wouldn't you want some one to do the same for you? even if not just give it a shot and you will see not only a remarkable change in their day but you will see one in yours as well.

Nate's News

We would like to hear your feedback! how do you feel about the new driving laws? and if you would like to submit a photo of big foot leave send us an email or a text we would love to hear from you