Need Help With Career Technology?

Need Help With Computers?

Why should you use Career Tech. Tutor?

Here at Career Tech. Tutor we strive to make our students comfortable with their tutors and environment. We offer many skills that are very important to the children's future. Technology is getting more and more important and we need more people prepared in todays line of technological work. We always put the children first we make sure they understand what thy are doing and that they understand the content we teach them. Our number one goal is for the children to have fun and learn at the same time.

Career Technology Tutor Session

Saturday, May 29th 2027 at 5-7pm

134 Main St

Wellsboro, PA

This event continues on for all other Saturdays until further notice.

Admission is only $5 per tutor session.

Everyday Activities

1) Short summary of what we did last time we gathered

2) We continue with our lesson for that day

3) We make sure that all students understand the content of the lesson

4) For the last thirty minutes or so we have a competition between the student about the material we went over in class, and the winner gets a small prize!

( We do provide snacks, so please inform us if your child has any food related allergies)