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What the revised quarantine guidelines mean for Ozark

Yesterday, the Governor’s announcement changing the school quarantine guidelines has left some elated, some concerned, and some confused. Each person has their own experience and opinions with COVID-19. We respect those.

My take-away from this announcement is that masking works! This is wonderful news. It gives us an opportunity to refocus our masking efforts, which we will absolutely do.

This school year we have quarantined 2,020 students. Out of this number, 923 students (166 pre-k/elementary and 757 OMS/OJH/OHS/FRS) were due to a high level of exposure at school. A high level of exposure occurs when there has been a close contact (less than 6 ft.) with a positive individual for more than 15 minutes. Until yesterday’s announcement, this has taken place regardless of masking.

We have sent students home who are not getting sick, which puts more strain on working families.

Here’s what I see when this happens:

  • Students suffer academically, mentally and socially

  • Students feel like they are being punished

  • Students still get together in groups while on quarantine risking further spread

  • Some students do not have enough food to eat at home

  • Teachers are challenged to simultaneously teach virtually and in-person

  • Teachers are working extremely hard to keep students engaged and caught up with their in-person classmates

These new guidelines allowed us to bring back 94 of the 249 students on quarantine due to a high level of exposure at school. We are not changing our masking guidelines and as I said earlier, we will refocus those efforts. We will continue to investigate each situation, quarantine students/staff in situations where masks are not worn properly, and notify families of low-risk exposures.

The change in the guidelines will primarily affect our students in middle school through high school. This is, by far, where we are sending the most students home. Our elementary schools have different challenges such as wearing masks properly or larger groups eating and playing together.

I appreciate our staff, students, and our community for trusting us as we navigate this school year. I see the toll this pandemic has taken on our staff and students this school year. Remember to wear your mask properly and stay home/keep your child home when they are not feeling well. We believe the safest environment is at school and the best way for students to learn is in-person.

Thank you,

Chris Bauman, Superintendent

Face Coverings Fact Sheet

Here are a few resources you might find helpful:

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Thank you, veterans

“I thank you for all your hard work and risking your life for all of our lives.” Students at East Elementary celebrated Veterans Day by writing and decorating letters to area veterans.
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It's all an illusion

If you want to get kids excited, show them some optical illusions. In art class, East fourth-grade students learned about artist M.C. Escher and looked at pictures of his creative optical illusions, such as the Penrose Steps, also known as the impossible staircase or the never ending stairs. Students then worked on shading shapes as they learn how to use angles and shading to make something flat look 3D. Plus, it’s fun to get your hands dirty!

Thank your custodian

Sometimes the work you need to do is simply sit on the floor and play with Legos with a student. That’s what East Elementary custodian Keith Mitchum did on Wednesday. We are thankful that our staff — no matter what their job title is — takes time to interact with students.

The White Table

Have you heard of the White Table? For Veterans Day, East Elementary third-graders read “America’s White Table” and then set a White Table in honor of all of the veterans who have served. Each part of the table represents something a soldier and their family may have felt or gone through.

Growth Rates

OJH students in Coach Campa’s and Dr. Goldberg's Algebra classes worked on recognizing growth rates in tile patterns. Students worked in pairs and extended the patterns and graphed the growth rate. Students then presented their findings to the class. This was a great way for students to use math in multiple representations.
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Veterans Day

In observance of Veterans Day, Mrs. Chesick's third-grade class at South Elementary wrote thank you letters to Superintendent Dr. Bauman, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Chesick and Counselor Mr. Goode — all veterans. Mr. Goode (pictured left) shared his experiences in the armed forces during library with the class, and Dr. Bauman (pictured right) stopped by Wednesday to answer questions.
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Land of the Free

Kindergarten students at West Elementary made a book about veterans and our freedoms to celebrate and learn about Veterans Day.
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Animal Adaptations

Mrs. Zafiroff's third graders at West Elementary are learning about animal adaptations and discovered several animals that are born with abilities to camouflage, including moths. This week, they camouflaged their own moth to an item in their environment. Adaptations are important because they help animals hide from predators.
Ozark School District is hiring! We are looking for nutrition services workers, custodians, bus drivers and more. Find details about our open positions here - http://bit.ly/OzarkJobOpenings
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Bluebirds and dancing frogs

OHS students in Child Development classes spent some time at Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center this week teaching preschoolers about nature. OHS students read “Down by the Cool of the Pool,” which talked about frogs and other dancing animals, and “Bluebird’s Nest.” OHS students then helped preschoolers make their own dancing frogs and bluebird nests.

Note: Tiger Paw students are not required to wear masks.

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The Poppy Story

Students in Mrs. Carlton's class at North Elementary celebrated Veterans Day by reading “The Poppy Story,” which is about how beautiful poppies grew wild in a war-torn landscape.
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O Say Can You See

North Elementary second graders learned about the “Star Spangled Banner” in music class on Veterans Day.

Thank you for your service

North Elementary first graders in Mrs. Amstutz’s class learned how to write letters this week by writing thank you notes to veterans.
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Cross Country at State

Congratulations to these OHS Cross Country runners who competed at State last weekend! Kopelyn Delong placed 37th in 19:43; Ellie Kitchin placed 60th in 20:02; Gabe Bauer placed 81st in 16:59; and Dylan Fritz placed 135th in 17:48.

Boys Soccer

Congratulations to the boys soccer team for ending the season with a record of 18-10 and a trip to the state quarterfinals.

Boys Swim & Dive

Good luck to the Boys Swim & Dive team who are competing at State today, Nov. 13: Kaden Bowling, Caleb Chrestman, Graham Eisenmann, Trenton Crisp, Mason Waltke, Theron Dakin, Josh Dean, Holton Miller and Luke Jenkins.
Did you know that we have Virtual School Clinics at our Junior High, Middle School, East Elementary and South Elementary? If you get a call from our school nurse, eliminate the hassle of making a doctor's appointment or visiting urgent care for your student. Our Virtual School Clinics are great for common illnesses and cost your normal office visit copay. Parents can join in-person or by video conference, and prescriptions can even be called in by the provider. If your student does not attend a school with a Virtual School Clinic, you can take them to any of our participating locations. For more information here.
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FAFSA Frenzy

Attention families of the Class of 2021: FAFSA Frenzy is 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17 by appointment only.

Set up your appointment here.

FAFSA Frenzy helps thousands of Missouri students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid every year. The FAFSA is the primary form used by federal, state and institutional financial aid programs in determining an individual's eligibility for grants, loans, work-study and scholarships.

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Parent Survey

Does your student have access to the internet and an electronic device (tablet, computer or Ozark School District Chromebook) to complete schoolwork at home? Ozark School District is collecting this information in order to determine what type of support our families need in case of closure situations as well as complying with reporting guidelines by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Please take a moment to fill out the survey for each of your students.

Directions for desktop and mobile app users:

  • Login Parent Portal

  • Select the yellow e-Form notice

  • Select 'Fall 2020 Technology Survey'

  • Complete the survey for each student

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