Jessica's Bakery

Jessica's Bakery sells all of your baked good needs!

About this business

We sell everything from cookies to cakes! Jessica's Bakery is the best place to get any baked good you want! Jessica's Bakery is a partnership. This type of business was chosen because partnerships do not pay corporate income taxes, money can be more easily raised, and more people in a business means more ideas and insight on running the business.

Overcoming disadvantages

This business will overcome disadvantages to partnerships like sharing profits and disagreements. Each partner will be active in the business so sharing profits will not be a problem, because each partner will do his or her share of work. Disagreements will be handle depending on the size of the issue. Big issues will be voted on and the majority will win.


Jessica's Bakery will always treat their workers with the respect they deserve and will have a quality workspace. Jessica's Bakery is not a very large establishment so the amount of employees for the time being will be low (compared to other business). This means there will be no types of unions. Employees wills still have a say in the business regarding their pay and other issues that may come up. Each complaint or request will be processed by every partner. Decisions will be made fairly and justly.

Commitment to the environment!

Jessica's Bakery is a business that likes to help the community. Every cup, plate, and napkin used a the bakery can be recycled! Jessica's Bakery also uses the most up to date equipment to save energy. Jessica's Bakery is also planning to add solar panels! This environmentally friendly programs will all help the planet and our very own community!