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Texas on the Importance of Visiting an Orthodontist at an early Age

A recent survey asked Americans to give their opinions about images of people with both straight and crooked teeth. What were the results? Answer: It’s all about perception.

In summary, people with straight teeth were perceived more favorably. They appear to be more successful, have a better social life (more friends), and a better personality. In fact, the study revealed that almost HALF of the people surveyed thought those with straight teeth were more likely to get a job. Not surprisingly, they were perceived to likely be more wealthy, more intelligent, and healthier in appearance. Almost 3/4ths of the people were more likely to TRUST someone with straight teeth. You can trust Dr. Sarah Jovanovski, at Jovan Orthodonticst, with your child’s care to improve their smile, and self confidence Cosmetic Dentist Austin .