April 11-Get Whitt It!

Class list planning

  1. SPED (all sections) are building "groups" of Ss that need to be together
  2. We'll make a physical CARD with their basics.
  3. We'll give you teh cards and the balancing sheet.
  4. Teachers will build classes, keeping in mind the balancing sheet.
  5. Teachers will enter each class into a google sheet.
  6. AT and Mp will assign teachers to classes. (Before you leave in May.)
  7. Ta da!

Staff meeting

april 17, 3pm! :)

Team Leaders

Please make sure each member of team your enters in ALL EOY information. (BAS, writing, etc.)


RTI EOY meetings will happen on May 8th.

We will not meet as a PLC on May 8, 15, 22nd, due to #allthethngs. We know you have a LOT on your plate in MAy!

Morgan's Musings

I just want to thank Every. Single. One of you for helping us with such a smooth Writing STAAR day! Halls were quiet, kids were working hard on the test, everyone chipped in to adjust their schedules....it was just awesome. THANK YOU!!!

More STAAR...Sigh :)

We will review math and reading STAAR stuff in PLC on 4/24. Please come ready to talk groups. Please bring your spreadsheet of accommodations for your kids so you can double check my master list. Also come ready to discuss if you have anything you recommend we tweak for the next round!


Team leads, please give me your feedback for consumables at PLC on 4/17! :)

4th (and maybe 3rd) Grade Teachers:

We will have some visiting 4th grade teachers from Royse City on 4/18 that want to come see you in action! I think they are primarily coming to see ELAR, but I make no promises they won't stop in and see math, too! Thank you for letting them come over and learn from you guys! I told them they can pop in some 3rd grade rooms too, if time allows!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Enjoy your long weekend!

Counselor's Corner

4/17 Day of Gratitude

Here are your plans for DOG. They'll be in your box along with materials by April 5. This is a short, 30-minute collection of one video and two exercises. If you've any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!

Notes from the Nurse

I STILL work here. :)

Shout Outs!

  • Woo hoo, writing STAAR is DONE! From that awesome author celebration to ALL the hard work on Tuesday...GREAT JOB SN, KS, AW and TL!!
  • Patricia, kinder roundup is a well-oiled MACHINE..thanks for all you do to keep that machine on track!
  • Janet Richardson will be moving to 2nd grade next year...she handled her news like a CHAMP! (She be the ELA to Mrs. Patsy's M/S!)
  • Aldrich received word that we'll need her to move on down to the 1st-grade hallway, and she ALSO took her news like a champ!!
  • Amy Riley, thank you for all your hard work and time invested in #allthingsart!! AND you gave STAAR!! We are lucky to have you!
  • Kristi Williams for doing what you do to get all these kiddos tested for GT!!

Was going to give Morgan a shout out, but I think SF said it better than I could!!

Big picture


We are getting new carpet this summer! To make it easier on the carpet people, we will need to have all of our things up off of the floor (except furniture) when we leave on May 24th. If you have books on a bookshelf, please box them up and put them on your back counter. Also, there shouldn’t be anything hanging on the walls lower than 3 feet from the carpet. If you have personal furniture (bookshelves, other shelving systems) they will either be moved to your counter, or to the cafeteria. Please make sure that you label them with your room number so that they get back to you! If you have any extra special personal items, it might be a good idea to take them home for the summer so that they stay safe. We are lucky that they are doing this during the summer – some places have to pack up and move during the school year! Can you even imagine?!?

Calendar Comings


15 Counselor interviews

16 Dennis Lee; Tiffany Leech's Baby Shower! 3pm, PTA General Meeting; First Grade Program

17 Staff meeting 3pm; Day of Gratitude

18 Kinder Field Trip; 4th grade teachers from Royse City coming to visit our awesomeness! SPED data day

19 No School!

22 No School!

23 AT out morning ESC; MP out afternoon ESC

Sub Appreciation breakfast, AT and PM out

25 MP out AP Meeting, Parent think tank

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat

MAY (are you even kidding me right now...)

1 Last day for PO's


3 Wolf Howl

4 Whitt Golf Tournament

Teacher Appreciation Week, 5-10


7 PTA board meeting, talent show tryouts,

8 RTI Marathon ILO PLC's

9 Breakfast with moms

10 MAP EOY Window Closes


13 STAAR Math, 3-4

14 STAAR Reading, 3-4

15 Volunteer luncheon

16 PTA luncheon ATout @ESCDay performance talent show, Senior reception, PM talent show

17 Field Day, Senior Walk

20 3-4 Shenanigans trip, school board meeting

21 Book worm party, K-2 readers

22 Splash Day

23 Student celebrations, last day!

Go out there and believe and believe!