Back to the future what came true?

By:Linden Coons

Hover Board

The hover board is almost like a skate board but you can control it with the motions you turn in and the motions that you use makes your hover board move yet in the movie back to the future there was no wheels but for now thats what wer'e stuck with.


well drones are pretty self explanitory like you know theres ipads ,ipad minis,iphones and well thank the the lord theres electronics and wifi.

Self lacing shoes

yes that's right i said self lacing shoes they were invented in 2011 and that's another prediction from back to the future that they got right basicaly what you do is you pull the tab of the shoe and they imedietly lace back together awsome!

google glasses

google glasses are really weird looking glasses that have google in them so you can resaerch things anywhere and every where you want

Video confrencing

Video confrencing is something you can do on almost any electronic you want it's also know as face time which is on ipads, iphones,and computers maybe even tvs it's not necaserraly video confrencing i guess we know it as face time.

wearable technolagy

is something like a smart watch, a fit bit basicaly things that will tell you your heart rate calories or how many steps you take.

Touch id

with touch id youre super safe either on your phone or your house or both its something that when you touch it it reconizezes your finger print that way nobody else would be able to access youre house or elctronic.

pepsie perfect

pepsi perfect is basically just a bottle of pepsi that has a new look and says pepsie perfect.


drones are things that go up in the air to watch over your city and have a camera in them and they could be almost anywhere.

non remote controled video games

non remote controled video games is a video game that where you can control the video game without a remote and just your hand sometimes wii dance will have that quality.

the end

i hope you enjoyed now maybe you can watch back to the future.