Getting To Know Brynn

By:Brynn Russell


My full name is Brynn D'shea Russell,i'm 16 years birthday is may,24 i was born in Dallas Tx.

My Family

I live with my mom, older sisters and grandma. They mean the world to me. even though we get mad at eachother we soon end up making things better

My Job

I currently work at Six Flags Over Texas. I. We do a lot of different things so most of the time it honestly doesn't feel like i'm at work.we have a lot of fun no matter if its hoilday or fright fest

My Pets

I have six animals. I have five dogs and one cat. my cats name is Michelangelo he is a mixed breed of a long haired and short haired grey/black first dogs name is Angie. she is a brown short haired chihuahua.My second dogs name is Bella she is a brown/black short haired chihuahua.Coco is my other dog she is a short haired brown/white chihuahua.i also have a brown/white chihuahua named Honey Bear.My last dog name is Leelah she is a brown/white/black chihuahua.

Best friend(s)

My best friends names are Lesly,Shanell,Alyssa,Kendall,they have always been there for me when i needed someone the most they have their own personality and they don't care what people think