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The End of the Beginning- Movie Review

A seventeen year old boy named Sam decided to hack America's International Internet System, just to receive the newest technology, the Neuro-Headsets. After getting the headsets for his best friend and himself, the world took off into a raging blur. All of a sudden, Sam meets Vienna, and Dodge, together they fight against the world strongest and meanest military like system known to man. After losing many people and his own life, Sam pulls through. See the story unfold in the brain. Starring, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Theo James. In Theaters on Friday.
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Ask Harrison with Harrison Wells

Dear Harrison:

I have an nuero headsets... please help me.

I don't know what to do anymore.

- Cisco Ramon

Dear Headset High:

Oh wow... that is a serious problem... please admit yourself the nearest Neuro addiction rehab center and have your mother throw away any devices you have and do not touch another headset for centuries, my best wishes go to you.

-Harrison Wells.

Help Wanted

Looking for Therapist and Certified Nurse Aides for the New Neuro Rehab Centers across Las Vegas

Deep into the Future's Mind

A 14 year old boy named Fargas died of no sleep and food because of the neuro headsets addiction to a popular Virtual Reality game. His best friend, Sam, was arrested for cyber terrorism. As his only friend left him he went to his Headset for fun, then friends, then for life. He collapsed three time before, but still kept playing and playing and playing." He said he was eating",said Fargas mother regarding her son." I really thought he was OK and his collapses was from stress of losing Sam." A sad but impacting story about the how technology doesn't need to be hacked to be harmful.