How to make a great oreo dessert

by darren jochum

Oreo Celebration Cake

1. First I gathered the following ingredients:    1Pkg. devils food cake    4 squares bakers chocolate    1/4 cup butter    8oz. of cream cheese    1/2 cup sugar - I didn't have a 1/2 cup measurer so I used 2 1/4 cups to equal 1/2)    2 cups of cool whip I used 8 1/4 cups to equal 2 cups    12 Oreo cookies    white decorating icingI heated the oven to 350 degrees. It is importnat to heat the oven all the way up so the cakes cook correctly. I then mixed the cake ingredients together and baked the cakes. While the cakes were cooking I made teh chocolate glaze with the butter and chocolate. I also made the stuffing with sugar, cream cheese and cool whip. The I put the first piece of cake on a pan. I Spread the white stuffing then crunch up the oreos on the stuffing. Then I put on the other piece of cake. It looked like an oreo. Then I put on the glaze and decorated the top with the icing.  

My favorite ingredients

Strategies used to complete the table

I put each recipe item on the sheet.  1 equals 1/16 for each serving. Once I knew how much of each ingredient went into 16 servings I set up a problem that equaled the ingredient over 16 servings. Then I said  1 serving equaled  X over 20  servings.Then I cross multilied to get the problem for 20 servings.  Then I divided the number of servings by the number 16.