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The number two resolution for 2014 is to get more organized. Let me help you get a jump start on that resolution. Make any purchase before midnight 12/31/2013 and you will receive 30% off and your choice of a pink or black Stuff it!

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The top three New Year's Resolutions are number one lose weight, number two get more organized and number three get out of debt. Clever Container can help you with two of the three. We have great products to help you get more organized as well as the opportunity to join us as a consultant and work on that get out of debt goal.

Angie Goethert

To take advantage of this offer, you need to email, text or message me so that I can get you a total for your order. Please feel free to browse the catalog as well as fill your shopping cart on my site, but let me place the order for you to get your 30% off and your free Stuff it.