The life of Caleb Hodges

Caleb Hodges


Caleb Hodges is from a family of four children. Megan is the oldest then Chris then Matthew and then Caleb. He has a mother called Donna and a father called William. Megan is the only girl and she is married to Wesley and has three children. Chris is the oldest boy and he works for a chemical business. Matthew is the middle child who goes to college for soccer. He is studying to be an engineer or a phycologist.


Caleb Hodges plays three sports. He plays Soccer, swimming and tennis. He has played soccer for 12 years. He has swam for 10 years off and on. He has played tennis for 8 months.
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In the future Caleb wishes to travel the world for free. He wants to go to Alaska, New Zealand, Austria, Egypt, Germany and Italy.

Christmas Break

Caleb had to work on Christmas eve. On christmas he opened gifts at his house where he got a GoPro. They headed down to Arkansas to spend christmas at a lake house. After christmas caleb hung out with his friends a couple times. He went bowling and played a lot of Fifa.

School Activities

Caleb plays soccer, Swimming and Tennis.

Fun facts about Caleb

Caleb wishes that he became a professional hand ball player.

When Caleb was Seven when his parents left him at church to go watch his game.