The trees of Timberview Middle

By: Jeffrey Worley

The main 3 Timberview trees

Texas Red oak

Texas red oaks are medium to small trees, usually growing 30 to 50 feet tall -- though some will reach as high as 75 feet. The tree has branches that naturally spread, so the width of the tree is about 60 feet in maturity. These trees have a very fast growth rate. This tree grows best in the summer and spring.

Red cedar

This tree can grow up to50m or more in height and 1 to 1.25m in diameter. The growth rate is a medium speed. The tree grows well all year long.

Southern Magnolia

The tree usually less than 80 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. It has a medium speed growth rate. This tree sprouts beautiful, white magnolia flowers. This tree grows best in the summer and spring times.

Other information on the trees

Human care

With all 3 trees you will have to water regularly.

Organisms dependent on trees

The trees can bring bugs the Magnolia tree will bring bees and all of them will bring worms and other normal bugs you see.