The Champion Celebration

December 2013

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Carolyn Champion

Thirty-One Gifts
Independent Senior Director

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9a-5p
Friday: By appointment only!

Team and Personal Stats for December 2013:

Team Stats:
Sales: $19,762.76
SDV: $38,184.71

EDV: $55,690.85
Team Size G0: 65

Total Team Size: 169

Directors: 2

My Stats:
PV: $1,548.72
Recruits: 1
Parties: 1

New Consultant:

Destiny Kirby


Kool And The Gang - Celebrate Good Times by wieslawa

Congratulations to our Super Stars!

Top In Sales:

Jennifer Jones $1,089.48!

Top Partiers:

And look who sold $500 or more!

Director's Corner:

Top in Sales:

Jessica Colley $2,900.30

Top Partier:

Jessica Colley 3 Parties

Director Team Sales:

Diamond Divas of LOV $14,788.61

Wynn LOV $4,626.03

Consultant Spotlight

Jessica Colley

*Tell us about yourself/family? My husband Luke and I have been married for 8.5 years. We live in Northwest Arkansas where he is a commercial lender and I teach music part-time. We have two awesome kids, Justus Samuel (age 5) and Ellis Kathryn (age 2) and a weenie dog named Samson. We are actively involved in our church, serving in young adult Sunday School and music ministries.

*What is a fun fact about yourself? I LOVE to plan parties. I plan my kids’ birthday parties 6+ months in advance. Yes, I’m one of “those” moms.

*What is your Thirty-One “Why”? My “why” has drastically changed over the past 2.5 years with Thirty-One. What started as a need for an extra $50 a month to pay gymnastics tuition for my son has turned taking my car payment “away” from my husband and our family account. My goal now is to less and eventually take the financial burden from my husband so he can become a bivocational pastor (with his other “job” being working at Cabela’s or something instead of being a bank VP!) and/or send him to seminary.

*What are some tips you can share that brought you your amazing success in your business?

  • Ask EVERYONE to help you with your business. Work and re-work your list of 62. It is always updating as you meet new people. Form relationships with them and make Thirty-One a natural part of your conversations.
  • Recruit immediately. Don’t wait. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s your director’s job.
  • But recruit responsibly. Someone who just wants the kit will most likely better serve you as an awesome repeat hostess and will be happier in the long run.

*What has been the most fun thing you have been able to do with your Thirty-One money?:) Or a financial accomplishment? (paid off a car, able to become a stay-at-home mom, etc…) 2013 was a big year for us! Not only was I able to go back to work part-time at a private school so my son could attend preschool there, but we went on our first big vacations EVER! Luke and I spent almost a week at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for FREE, all expenses paid in September through the Leadership Incentive Trip and then we redeemed our AmEx gift cards from the past two Dream Rewards Incentives and took our kids (again, for FREE) on our first trip to Walt Disney World for our son’s 5th birthday in October!

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