Salsa Project

by, Shawn O'Boyle

Type of Music

a. What is the name of your music? (Is there any significance to the name?)

Salsa. It tastes good.

b. Where is at played, listened and or danced to most commonly.

Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela.

c. Who are the people associated with this type of music


History of the Music

a. What is the origin of the music? (WHEN, WHERE, HOW or WHY did it originate)

The term "Salsa" was created in New York. The dance style has an Hispanic origin and was cultivated in New York.

b. What are the musical influences of the music?

Salsa music and salsa dancing are very much connected because the main purpose of the music is to dance to.

Characteristics of Music

a. What are the major characteristics of the music?

It is a mixture of the american jazz, and Rock, R&B, and funk.

b. What are the main instruments, vocals or arrangements?

Afro-cuban percussion, guitar, piano, vocals.

c. What social, cultural events or traditions is the music associated with?

located at a normal concert in cuba/puerto rico.

d. Are there special costumes associated with the music?

Black and Red dresses/tuxedos.

e. Who are some of the most famous artists associated with the music?

Bene Moré, Cheo Marquetti.

Connection to Dance

a. What dances if any are associated with this music?

It uses dips and arm styling, it is very flashy and uses many flips and dips.

b. What are the characteristics of the dance? (Describe or Demonstrate)

it has a 1-2-3-1-2 rhythm.

The Music Today

a. Who, what and where is the music associated with today?

Cuba,Puerto Rico. The salsa is mainly played in New York.

b. What is the projected future of this music?

It is projected to be increased popularity over the next 10 years. Soon more states in the U.S. will be listening to the salsa!!!!