How Hurricanes Form

Hurricanes start when warm water moist air and strong winds combine to make thunderstorms and clouds. They bring strong winds torrential rain and walls of water.

Violent winds can flip cars, sin boats and tear houses apart. Winds can be as strong as 241 km/hr. and can make waves as high as 9 meters high.

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How do Hurricanes Get Their Name?

Scientists started to name hurricanes in 1950 to help people remember what type of hurricane or storm it was and how much damage it did. The frist hurricane of the year is named with a name that starts with A , such as Abel. The second storm of the year would start with B, and so on. Names are both male and female and change every other storm.

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Hurricanes Parts

The Eye: The eye can be 20 to 40 miles wide. Rather then dark clouds and rain one might see a blue sky or a starry night.

Eye wall: The eye wall is the clouds that swirl around the eye. It has the most intense rain and winds. Sometimes it can be as fast as 200 miles an hour.

Rain bands: Rainbands are thunderstorms and clouds that spiral toward the eye wall.