Rogue Wave

Connecting modern literature to Greek Myths

Description of Rogue Wave

After the first book "Deep Blue Secret" Sadie and Rayne are practically a couple. At least that's what Sadie's friends think. Sadie knows the truth, she knows what they have isn't real, but an unaccepting twist happens. Voss Hastings, a cruel man who almost killed Sadie in the first book and Ash hastings supposed to be a friend of rayne's make an unnerving apperence back in Sadie's life again. And this time Sadie's life isn't the only one in danger.

Featuring Rayne as the Protagonist

Rayne is one of the protagonist of this novel as he is also one of the main characters of which the story is centered around. In this story Rayne makes a lot of mistakes about his relationship with Sadie but, allows her into his life once he realizes the truth about his feelings. He now wants to protect Sadie of all dangers.

Connections to Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus, who was a musician and poet, would do anything for Eurydice the daughter of Apollo but, Eurydice has to trust Orpheus. The theme is trust in your love. This can connect to Rogue Wave because Sadie has to trust Rayne that he really cares for her. Orpheus went on a quest to the underworld. This can connect to Rogue Wave because Rayne is on a mission to guard Sadie and a mission to get the Healing Water.

Connections to Perseus

Perseus was the son of Zeus a God and Danae who was a mortal which means Perseus was a demigod. This can connect to Rogue Wave because you could say Sadie is like a demigod because she's half immortal and human. The immortal part meaning she lives off of healing water.


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Connections to Zeus

Zeus is an unlikable guy because he gets a lot of women pregnant even though he has a wife. This can connect to Rogue Wave because Voss Hastings is an unlikable guy because he is a murder and he wants to kill Sadie's mother against Sadie.

Other things connected to Greek Mythology

Ambrosia is the sister planet to Earth that has only two continents and the one called Banya carries the source of the healing water. Ambrosia is Greek and Roman for the food of the Gods.
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