Should Immigration Laws be Reformed

By: Gabe Maldonado


In America we have a ton of immigrants coming to America to escape their problems in their own countries. People in America think that these people bring their problems here and ruin our way of life. I think that type of thinking is wrong and we should make these laws less strict.

It is hard for immigrants to get a green card

It is hard for immigrants to get a green card because most undocumented immigrants don't have family here in the U.S and need that to come here legally. The people who do have family in the U.S wait years to get a visa so they can come to the United States.

Deporting people is unfair

Deporting immigrants in the US is unfair. If a family moves to America and has children who are born here and go to public schools and are deported because their parents are not US citizens, these actions are unfair.

Immigration detention is unnecessary

Putting immigrants into detention does not make us any safer then we already are. People in immigration detention are in America to escape from problems they have in their own countries, problems like being abused and needing money in order to survive. These people also have families they need to be with and putting them in detention does not make it any easier to see them.


In the end I think we should make it easier for immigrants to be able to come to America and live a better life than if they remained in their home countries. To make this possible we need to reform the immigration laws.