Russia in World War II

Russia and The Soviet Union

Cause and Effect the Battle of Moscow

Battle of Moscow

Friday, Oct 2nd 1942 at 12am to Monday, Jan 7th, 12am


  • It happened because the Germans wanted to advance and capture Russia
  • Right before they took Moscow, they were defeated

Explain Operation Barbaossa

Operation Barbarossa

Sunday, Jun 22nd 1941 at 12am


  • Hitler thought the Soviets would be easy to defeat
  • Germans had 3,000,00 troops
  • At first the Germans shattered the Red Army (The Soviets)
  • Soviets brought troops from East Asia to defeat the Germans

Describe how the Soviets finished off the war

  • Soviets encircled Berlin and they captured street by street
  • April 16, 1942 Soviets bombard the outer defenses
  • April 26, 1942 Soviets captured the suburbs
  • May 4th-5th, 1942 the Germans surrendered


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