Parent Communication Tools

Parent Communication Tools

There are several different tools for communicating with parents. You may have one you currently prefer. Use this module to explore other options and maybe something you will find beneficial for your classroom. The resource featured below all have different benefits. Take some time to learn more and then share your experience.

Part 1 : Parent Communication Tools Podcast link

please take some time to listen to this recent podcast. This episode is centered around various parent communication tools. Although the entire podcast is great, you can start in at 13:37 and end at 37:53 to get to the specific portion regarding parent communication tools and ideas.

After listening please take a few minutes to post to our ICYMI Padlet your "Aha" moment or something you took away.

Part 2: Remind

A. What is Remind Video?

B. Remind Features

Part 3: Bloomz

A. What is Bloomz Video?

B. Five ways to use Bloomz link

C. Bloomz Features

Part 4: Your Choice Research

Three tools also mentioned in the podcast are Dojo, FreshGrade, and Seesaw. Choose one that sparked your interest to learn more about. After exploring Remind, Bloomz and then the tool of your choice, please share on our ICYMI Padlet which tool would benefit you. Please also share how you plan to use it this year.

Reflection: Please post on our ICYMI Padlet any specific questions you have regarding Parent Communication tools.

**Please fill out this survey after completing your Parent Communication Tools activities.