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Newsletter - Issue 1, 12 February 2021

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Dear Parents, Caregivers and Community Members,

A big welcome to all our children, parents, staff and wider community to the start of the new school year. I am sure that it will be a happy, successful and rewarding one for each of us. We extend a special welcome to all our 22 new children and their families. We also welcome Mrs Susan Kadak – Pre Kindy Blue, Mrs Kelly Matthews – Kindy Blue, Mrs Kylie Beveridge – Kindy Blue EA, Mr Mackenzie Hawk – Kindy EA, Miss Georgia Mola – Year One Blue, Miss Emily Buckingham – Year 3 Blue, Mrs Alana Prince – Year 4 Blue EA, Mrs Heather Macdonald Rudez – Admin Officer and Mr Matthew Farsalas – (Italian) Languages Teacher, I know you will really enjoy being part of our wonderfully dedicated and very passionate staff. Unfortunately, our AUSLAN teacher was unable to work with us this year.

We pray that your journey at St Luke’s is full of faith, hope and love. It is important at the beginning of each school year to focus on our Catholic school. Catholic schools have the spiritual dimensions of Christ as the teaching centre and model for all we do.

The Bishops’ Mandate states the aim of a Catholic school is to support all our people to integrate faith and life and to grow into the people Jesus intended us to be.

At St Luke’s our vision is to:

Be a vibrant and inclusive Catholic community where students are provided opportunities to grow and become unique individuals. The school proudly follows the example of St Luke, the patron saint of students, and his call to embrace people and life. In doing so we aspire to be a place that,

challenges each child to learn, play, love and serve, to be the best version of themselves.

To bring about our Vision requires action and this occurs through our values:

INCLUSIVENESS - everyone belongs

FORGIVENESS - everyone makes mistakes

SERVICE - use your power well

ATTENTIVENESS - see God in every moment

COURAGE - stand up for what is right

LOYALTY - speak well of others

PERSONAL BEST - let your light shine

At St Luke’s we are future focussed and optimistic - people and life renewed.

As we begin a new year of prayer and learning, I invite you to take some time to reflect on our school and why you have chosen to be here to share your journey with us all. I pray for God’s Blessing on all of our children, our staff and our community.

Please have a browse of our new school website, which was updated and refreshed. We are still adding information to this. This change came about from our parent survey last year.

Coming home with the eldest child in your family tomorrow is St Luke’s Strategic ‘Sub Plan’ for 2021. It identifies which aspects of the three-year plan will form the focus for 2021. Please take the time to read this very informative and valuable document as this provides all in our school community common language and direction for this year.


Can I please ask parents who use the Church and top car park drive through to use caution and patience as we go back to offering drop-off and pick-up from this Monday, if some of the Covid restrictions are lifted. Please know that from 8.15am there will be staff supervision at the Church and top car park. New families will be guided by staff on how all this works and I would ask current families to be supportive of them by being helpful too and not impatient. We will get there; it will just take a few weeks to get back into the full swing of things. More information regarding drop-off and pick-up will be sent home via SEQTA this weekend once an announcement has been made by the WA Premier.

Parent Information Packs

Due to Covid restrictions being in place and the number of adults allowed in our school, we as a staff have decided to send home information relevant to your child’s class for 2021 rather than having an on-site parent information evening. This information will be sent home this coming Monday. Once you have read through the information, you are most welcome to email your child’s class teacher if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding with regards to this.

Our school newsletter will look different this year as we will be using a new program called Smores. This will align better with our new school website and on your mobile phone. Newsletters will still be weekly (based on parent responses in our survey last year) but will be available from Thursdays now.

Watching our staff, students and parents return to school displaying humility, kindness and compassion in their everyday dealings with each other in our school community. What a fabulous start to the year it has been!

Andrew Kelly




According to the research conducted by John Hattie, (2008), he has been stated as saying; “Homework in primary school has an effect of around zero. In high school it’s larger. (…) Which is why we need to get it right. The question we need to ask is: “Is it really making a difference?”

Treat the zero as saying, “It’s probably not making much of a difference but let’s improve it”. The best thing you can do is to reinforce something you’ve already learnt.”

Last year during Term 4, we decided to trial a “No – Homework” approach which only included reading at home and homework for children who require extra support.

We would like input from our parent community. We are also gathering feedback from our teachers and students. This collation of data will help staff revisit our current homework policy and update changes where needed. Parents and students will be notified when this is completed. Therefore your feedback is valued and appreciated. Please click on the link below and we will share the final data towards the end of the term.


We were fortunate to have a lot of necessary work completed over the Christmas break at the school. These included:

· Exterior Rendered walls repainted

· Anzac Prayer Garden Wall painted

· School Prayer and Rainbow installed on the wall outside the office

· Brand New interactive TVs installed from Kindy to Year 2 classrooms

· Additional Air-conditioning units installed in Kindy, Pre-primary and the Support Room

· Damaged Solar Panels replaced

· Updated IT cabling to Junior Block

· New interactive TV in the Library

· Refurbish of the Science room

· Refurbish of an additional kindy room

Thank you to our School Advisory Council who approved all these items.


Due to current Covid restrictions, we are limited in how many staff, parents and students we can allow at the parish mass on the Wednesday for Ash Wednesday.

“If parents are planning to attend an assembly or Mass, the principal must ensure that there is a maximum of 150 adults in total in the assembly hall and that the 4 square metre rule is maintained. The 4 square metre capacity rule applies up to a maximum of 150 people, for school Masses held in parish churches (places of worship).

Therefore, after speaking with the Parish, it has been decided to conduct an Ash Wednesday Mass for classes year 3-6 only and this will be held in the school dance room. K-2 classes will conduct their own Ash Wednesday liturgy, and have the ashes distributed by the class teachers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow any parents or guardians to attend the school mass or liturgies.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

God Bless,

Mrs Maura Killalea

Assistant Principal


Hello to all our wonderful St Luke’s community!

Welcome back… finally! It has been such a joy seeing all the happy smiling faces this week as we returned to school after a rocky start! The students, families and staff have all shown incredible resilience and understanding that ‘mask wearing’, social distancing and extra precautionary hygiene measures present! Everyone has taken it all in their stride with a happy and positive bounce in their step! Way to go everyone!

This is a very special community here at St Luke’s and I feel privileged to be a part of it. It has been lovely to meet so many of you in the playground and carpark. I look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks, please come and say hello J

Have you seen our new website??? It is brilliant! A big thank you must go to Bruce Plint and Justin Kirry for the tireless hours they put into creating it all. Go check it out!

We have a new ICT support company working with our school this year! Solutions IT are a highly efficient company that will manage our cloud services, mobile device management, school servers, wireless solutions, IT infrastructure and all general IT support. They have worked determinedly to ensure all our students’ iPads are up and running by Week 1!

We have also installed 9 brand new TV Computer Screens from Kindy to Year 2. Not only do they look amazing(!) they will also offer the students an enhanced learning experience. Thank you to the School Advisory Council for approving this initiative and improvement in our junior classes.

All ICT agreements for students in Years 3-6 will be coming home with the class information packs. Please keep an eye out for them, sign them and return them to your classroom teacher. These agreements will be placed on our website as well for future reference for parents.

If you have any IT questions or concerns, please contact me on

Have a great rest of your week,

Sarah Williams

Assistant Principal



Please be advised 2021 Fee Statements were emailed to families this week. If you have not received yours please check your junk mail before contacting the office. Should you have any queries please contact the office on 9306 6600 or email -

Thank you

Marjorie Dohnt

Finance Officer


· Chickens – our 6 chickens have enjoyed their summer holiday break with Mrs Farcich and 3 will be in the Cluck Club each week from Mondays to Wednesdays.

· Class Garden Beds – very shortly the class garden beds will once again be planted with herbs/vegetables. We are just waiting for the very hot days to be finished. Look out for which classes are growing the tallest seedlings throughout the term.

· Organic Waste – don’t forget each day we collect any organic waste from the students’ crunch ‘n sip, recesses and lunches. These are then distributed to the chickens, worm farms and compost. Any single use plastic items need to be returned home in the students’ lunch boxes. There are wonderful lunch box choices that reduce the need to use plastic wrap. Don’t forget there are ways that we can reduce the amount of plastic packaging in lunch boxes. Buying in bulk is a great start.

· Recycling – at St Luke’s we recycle household batteries (collected by the City of Joondalup), aluminium cans (Containers for Change), Nespresso coffee pods and plastic bottle tops. These have a new home in 2021 which is outside the Library. Thanks for all of the donations that came through in 2020.


Dear Parents,

As part of our digital education initiative at St Luke’s, we will be commencing our Minecraft Club on Thursday afternoons. The club will commence meetings in the library on Thursday, 19 February, and run from 3:20pm to 4:00pm.

There are limited places, so if your child is interested in joining the club, could they please write a paragraph detailing why they would like to a participant. Please have the note in an envelope clearly marked ‘Minecraft Club’ and return to Mr Plint in 4W by Tuesday, 16 February.

If your child is accepted to the club, it is expected that they attend all meetings. If they miss more than four meetings in a term, their place will be forfeited and offered to another child (exceptions include medical reasons).

The club is open to anyone in Year 4 to 6.


Bruce Plint

Year 4W


Social Work Service 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I wish to extend a warm welcome to the new families in our school community and an equally warm welcome back to our existing families.

Well, we have certainly had a different start to our 2021 school year, with the Premier of WA extending school holidays by a week due to COVID 19, then in the same week the bushfires north-east of Perth causing devastation so close by. I hope everyone in our school community is safe and well. Both these events will have impacted all of us in varied ways, some directly others by the media coverage of these events. If either you or your family are continuing to experience hardship or emotional/psychological distress brought on by these events please make contact with me.

I will be available at St Luke's on Monday and Thursday each week. Please discuss any school based concerns with your child's teacher who may then make a referral to myself, or for other concerns please either email myself direct or call me Mon/ Thurs 9306 6600. I may be able to help directly or give you contacts in the community that can provide support and services.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards Ann Peart

Ann Peart

School Social Worker

St Luke's Catholic Primary School Woodvale 93066609


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