Carolina Pearls

May Newsletter

Summer is Officially Here!

We have so much going on this summer with Stella & Dot and it is so exciting. Our new compensation plan beginning June 1st, Dot Dollars, hostess bonus, new stylist sign up special, a new branded family, and the 2014 fall line being rolled out mid July!

It is important to to read the news alerts in the lounge, especially right now and jump on the Home Office call on Wednesday, June 4th about the compensation plan. This will be a learning curve for everyone. It is important to remember we are all learning together, we will all have the same access to information about these changes.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your sponsor if you are not clear on the changes. We will be having a Q&A call on Tuesday the 10th to answer any questions you may have about the new plan. Details to be determined and will be posted later in the week on our FB page.


The Fabulous "17" in sales!

Stylists who earned their 5% bonus!

***1. Kelli Stanley $5,005*** Star Stylist

2. Jackie Joyce $2,520
3. Erica Cotto $2,459 Lead Stylist

Stylists that earned business supply credits!

4. Kristen Faunce $2,171
5. Laura Reynolds $2,071 Star Stylist
6. Dana Sellers $1,673 Star Stylist
7. Bridget Rutledge $ 1,397
8. Lisa Kahr $1,335
9. Jennifer Holleran $1,265 Lead Stylist
10. Stephanie Ham $943
11.Mary Jane Postiglione $732 Lead Stylist
12. Janie Roe $706
13. Chrissy Colburn $637 Lead Stylist
14. Mandy Owens $586 Lead Stylist
15. Cindy Epps $580 Lead Stylist
16. Kelly Bowers $512
17. Heather Davis $530

Top in Sponsoring!

Laura Reynolds-1
Stephanie Ham-1

Congratulations to our newest Pearls!!!!