(: Two Amazingly Fun Games :)

(: Absolutely FREE! :)

(: Game one :)

You must collect a certain amount of Yellow stars to WIN! However if you hit a red star or a rock you will automaticly LOSE the game. You enemy is the spudnik, it will create rocks to get in your way and they make it harder.
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(: Game Two :)

(: Game Two :)

level 1

On this game you start as a cycle and you have to collect all the yellow stars to get to the next level. However if you hit a red star you LOSE! The spudnik on this game is BAD it creates red stars to stop you from winning.

Level 2

After level 1 you turn into a under water sub. you have to collect all of the yellow stars in order to WIN the game. But a red fish under the water creating red stars to make you LOSE so you must NOT hit them if you want to WIN the game.


Valley gardens

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 10am

Monkseaton, United Kingdom

Whitley Bay, England