Dont be a bully be a friend

Cyber bullying is at a high

Cyber bullying at high. One of Five students are cyber bullied

Cyber bullying is when you bully someone over the internet with a piece of technology

-Nearly one in five city public high-school students has been a victim of Cyber bullying a new study reveals.

-The Health Department found that 18 percent of students said they’ve been bullied at school or over the Internet.

-Cyberbullying is described as abusing a student through e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, Web sites or texting. This kind of bullying is devastating because it can go viral on the Internet

-Cyberbullying is the electronic cousin of traditional in-person bullying, which seems to be an unfortunate long-standing fact of teenage social life.

-70% of students report seeing frequent cyber bullying

-Ways to avoid Cyberbulling is to block the person who is bullying you or reporting it to a adult or a teacher.

-If you see others being cyberbullied or just bullied in general then stand up for them and treat them the way you want to be treated