Mason holt


China's size is about 3.75 million square miles. This gives them many resources. China is surrounded by ocean so a lot of their resources are fish and seafood.


China's population is roughly 1,336,718,015 people. This makes it hard for people to get food because all the resources have to be shared between everyone.

Population united

China's population is well united. They are all under one leader which controls them all. They say they are as one as a country.


China is a well educated country but china has a lot of immigration. There are many schools and the children are way smarter than us in the USA. They learn our high school math in elementary school.


China's military is very large but doent have much strength as in human power and technology.

Physical features

Forests, deserts, extensive mountain ranges, plateaus, sub-tropical forests and rugged high altitudes are all features in china


Chinas economy is strong and most of the big businesses in china are still growing and still making money. They are in low debt and is doing good