MTSS - Lunch Talk

April 24, 2020

Some of our best thought partnering and collaboration happens when breaking bread. Our first MTSS Lunch Talk was a great opportunity to connect, ask questions, open communications, share thoughts, and just spend time together!

Favorite quote from the day

"Team North Mason! My grade level team and our counter parts at the other elementary are collaborating so well together to support each other, our students, and our schools!" (paraphrased from one of our NM elementary teachers)

NMSD is a family - keep supporting each other across schools and grades! Go Team North Mason!

Resources mentioned by participants

"Chat" from participants during our talk

“MTSS is for the adults to support an educational environment.”

“Equity for students has been a focus of my PD meetings for students that may be homeless or in the foster care system.”

“It takes a LONG time to really see the impact. It took 2 years for us to start to see some of the students that need more support to take the strategies and try them.” (regarding Restorative Practices in the classroom)

“Fostering Resilient Learners course on ASCD. 20-hour course that was fantastic!”

“So many ties to Love & Logic!” (regarding Restorative Practices)

“I like the CTI3 keynote video for the ways to implement classroom strategies.”

“I've enjoyed the last two weeks is the Character Strong Whole Child virtual summit. 3-5 video interviews each day about supporting kids. Really great.”

“OSPI has a free publication available on trauma-informed teaching called The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success. It is well done. I've completed it as professional development with my colleagues when I was teaching high-risk secondary populations at an alternative setting in the Puyallup SD.”

“The changes for many families will be traumatic during this closure and may need to be heavily addressed as students return.”

“I appreciate that we are observing and making decisions based on what's good for our kids in NM.”

“I also loved David Jay "the dope educator". His message was inspirational!” (regarding Whole Child Virtual Summit)

“Second Step did a webinar about continuing SEL with remote/continued learning yesterday. It had tips for what to make synchronous and asynchronous.”

“The whole child summit has been great because now more things are making sense to classified.”

“The best PD I've been fortunate enough to come across is the Character Strong Virtual Summit! They've done a fantastic job selecting their presenters.”

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