Can elacricity be charged to a key?


The respected scientist,Benjamen Franklin,performed an experiment that could have taken his life.HE peformed a similar experement in his lab where he got severle sparks.He and his son went out on a windy day with a kite and a metal key to prove that it is possible to draw energy from the hevens.Back in his lab,Franklin had been working on getting static elecricity from the fraction between metal,water,and common air.He took his experement out on a windy day to see if he could draw the same energy from the sky.As he and his son took cover in a shack he was able to take cover from any danger that could afect them.After wating for same time, he finaly proved his experement to be true.A spark of energy jumped from the metal key to his finger.If this had been a wet storm with lighting, Mr.Franklin would have been in seriour peril.

What did benjamin use to make the kite?

*silk fabric

*kite with metal piont at top


*silk ribion at bottom

*metal key


Ben Franklin's Kite-Flying Experiment Never Happened