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Entering our 2nd month of school

We have had a very smooth transition back to in person learning. All of our students seem to be happy and engaged. It is fantastic to see everyone together again!
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Update: Ponaganset FFA Students -- PLACED 2ND!

Fifteen students from Ponaganset's FFA Chapter attended the Eastern State Exposition to set up their landscape design to compete against other New England Agriculture schools. The landscape theme each school had to create was from the colonial times.
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Mrs. Bovenzi's Art Class Feather Project

All students, grades 9-12, taking an art class with Mrs. Bovenzi this semester created a feather mural that includes their wish for the school year.

Some wishes included things like:

Get good grades

Make new friends

Join a club

Save up to buy a car

Improve my skills in art


Football Game: Friday, October 22 at 7 pm

Homecoming Dance: Saturday, October 23 from 5:30 pm to 9 pm

This will be an outdoor event under a tent in the teacher parking lot by the Auditorium. Please check the weather forecast and make certain your child dresses appropriately.

The theme of the dance is Fall Harvest and we are looking for donations of hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins, scarecrows or similar items. As much as we need help with donations of decorations, we need help decorating the venue. We also need food and beverage donations (pre-packaged food ONLY) for example; chips, candy bars, granola bars, bottled water. Please check off in Sign Up Genius what you are able to do to support the Class of 2022.

Ticket sales $15.00 cash only begin Oct 12 for Seniors & Juniors. Ticket sales for Sophomores and Freshmen begin on Oct 14.

Congratulations Abigael Bousquet!

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2022 National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student: Abigael Bousquet

Abigael Bousquet has been named a Commended Student in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program.

"Those being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success," commented a spokesperson for NMSC. "These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation. We hope that this recognition will help broaden their educational opportunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of academic success."

Book Cafe

Ms. Norden and Ms. Reichardt are holding a Book Cafe. The students were able to take a favorite book and enjoy the outdoors while reading.
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Hispanic Heritage Month

Spanish III and IV did projects for Hispanic Heritage month. Hispanic Heritage month runs from September 15 to October 15. Students researched a notable Hispanic and created posters about their lives and their greatest achievements. Some students showcased Hispanic people that they know and others researched famous people. These posters are displayed in the corridors in the North building. We welcome all to come down and enjoy!
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FFA Association

Ponaganset's FFA students participated in the State FFA's annual fall festival at Cucumber Hill Farm in Foster.
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Scarecrow Festival

The following Ponaganset clubs are building scarecrows for the 4th Annual Chepachet Scarecrow festival: FFA, DECA Art, and SkillsUSA. The students had a great time putting the scarecrows together. The festival is scheduled for October 16 in the towns center. The scarecrows will be displayed along Main Street until October 30th. The below link will provide you with additional festival information.


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Handmade Cards for all Occasions

Students and staff at Ponaganset High School are planning to continue making handmade cards for members of our community. Last year, over 400 handmade seasonal themed cards were delivered. We really enjoy bringing cheer to our community members.

The students and staff are very creative and passionate about this project. Like the students, each card is unique and carries messages of kindness and inclusion. We take pride in using recycled materials to make the cards and would love to continue to provide this community service for every holiday throughout the year.

We are currently accepting donations of materials such as; used greeting cards, card stock, scrapbook material, washable paint, gift bags, tissue paper, stickers etc. We love working with recycled materials and would make use of any craft items you have sitting on shelves and in drawers.

Please feel free to drop off any of these items to the main office at Ponaganset High School.

From Superintendent Dr. Michael Barnes -- October 9, 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians of Captain Isaac Paine, Ponaganset Middle School, and Ponaganset High School Students,

This communication contains information on the following topics for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Update on positive COVID cases in our schools;
  • Being Fully Vaccinated Exempts Students and Athletes from the Need to Quarantine when Identified as a Close Contact
  • Reducing the Number of Students on a Bus Who Need to Quarantine
  • Reducing the Number of Students Who Need to Quarantine – Changing the 1 Symptom Rule
  • New COVID Vaccination Clinics Offered at Ponaganset High School – 1st Dose October 23rd
  • New COVID Vaccination Clinics Offered October 23rd at Ponaganset High School
  • Reducing the Length of Quarantine – Using the Seven Day Quarantine Period
  • Continuing to Proactively notify your child’s school of a possible or actual COVID case; and
  • Closing Thoughts

Notification of Positive COVID Cases

Over the past three weeks we have received the following notifications of positive COVID-19 cases.

  • Four positive cases were reported at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School. Potential close contacts of the positive cases were identified and asked to quarantine.
  • Two positive cases were reported at Ponaganset Middle School. Both cases were students who were present in school during their infectious period. Potential close contacts of the positive cases were identified and asked to quarantine.
  • Five positive cases were reported at Ponaganset High School. Three of the cases were students and one of the cases was an adult. One of the positive cases was not in school during his/her infectious period. Potential close contacts of the positive cases were identified and asked to quarantine.

Please assist us in reducing the number of students who must quarantine as a potential close contact. If a household member tests positive for COVID-19 your child/children must remain home and learn asynchronously. Moreover, if your child or a household member had a COVID-19 test and you are waiting or result, please have your child/children remain home until you have received the test results and verified that they are negative.

Being Fully Vaccinated Exempts Students and Athletes From the Need to Quarantine when Identified as a Close Contact

In-person learning has positive benefits for students’ academic and personal-social development. The return to full in-person learning for all students has students closer than 6 feet apart at different times during the school day. Within a school setting students who are less than 6 feet apart for more than 15 minutes. There are exceptions to the state’s quarantine requirements for individuals identified as a potential close contact in a school setting:

  • A person who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and has no symptoms does not have to quarantine;
  • A person who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days and have no symptoms does not need to quarantine; and
  • A person who maintained at least 3 feet of physical distance at all times during the close contact exposure and was wearing a mask at all times does not need to quarantine. Note: This exemption is conditional on both the exposed (close contact) student and the infected student wearing a face mask at all times during the close contact exposure. The is particular exemption does not apply to teachers, staff, or other adults in the indoor classroom setting.

Similarly, athletics are an important part of our school community that provide tangible benefits to the academic and social-emotional development for our student athletes. Because of the unstructured nature of our athletics resulting in multiple contacts among athletes RIDOH has often made the decision to quarantine all members of the team who are not fully vaccinated.

Reducing the Number of Students on a Bus Who Need to Quarantine

Under current guidance when there is a positive case on a school bus the students sitting two rows in front of the positive case, two rows behind the positive case, and in the five rows across the aisle are required to quarantine. Based on this requirement, if one student is sitting in each of these seats on a bus up to 9 students plus the positive case are subject to quarantine. If two students are sitting in each of these seats on a bus up to 19 students plus the positive case are subject to quarantine. If three students are sitting in each of these seats on a bus up to 29 students plus the positive case are subject to quarantine.

This requirement is resulting in a number of students being required to quarantine. To avoid your child being quarantined as a potential close contact on a school bus you may drive your child to school or you may get your child vaccinated. Under current state requirements individuals who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine.

Reducing the Number of Students Who Need to Quarantine – Changing the 1 Symptom Rule

At the beginning of this school year the RIDOH changed their protocols so that individuals “stay home and/or isolate and get tested if an individual has any one COVID-19 symptom”. Recently, RIDOH modified their protocols again. Schools are now allowed to return the “probable case” definition used last year so that individuals: “Stay home and/or isolate and get tested if an individual has one major or two minor COVID-19 symptoms”. Our schools adopted the “probable case” definition. Accordingly, we will require students to remain home if they display the following COVID symptoms.

Any ONE of the following symptoms:

  • Cough (new)
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New loss of taste or smell

Any TWO of the following symptoms:

  • Fever or Chills
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion or runny nose (new)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Adopting these criteria will limit the number of students who must remain home from school pending the results of a PCR COVID-19 test.

New COVID Vaccination Clinics Offered at Ponaganset High School – 1st Dose Saturday October 23rd

The Emergency Management Agency of the Town of Glocester will be hosting a vaccination clinic (Pfizer vaccine) in the Ponaganset High School cafeteria. These clinics are open to anyone 12 years old or older who wants to receive a 1st and 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine. This clinic is also for people who are fully vaccinated with Pfizer and are 65 years old or older or are 18 years old or older WITH underlying medical conditions or are at increased risk of COVID-19 due to occupational or institutional setting. The dates of the clinics are:

  • 1st dose or booster, Saturday, October 23rd from 9:00am – 1:00pm in the PHS Cafeteria
  • 2nd dose or booster, date in November to be determined - in the PHS Cafeteria

To register, go to the Health Department registration link below. The link will not work with Microsoft Explorer; please use another browser. Choose an available appointment time and continue. Answer all the health questions and continue to the next page. Upon completing your registration, you should receive a confirmation email.

Minors under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Click on this link to register:

It is not mandatory that students or staff receive the vaccination. We are sharing this opportunity as a convenience for families who want to obtain a vaccine.

The RI Department of Health guidance for school reopening states: “Vaccination is currently the leading public health prevention strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Delta variant in Rhode Island, it is more important now than ever to use all available tools to stop this pandemic. Data suggest that the COVID-19 vaccines that we have for use in the United States offer protection against most COVID-19 variants, including the Delta variant. Achieving high levels of COVID-19 vaccination among eligible students as well as teachers, staff, and household members is one of the most critical strategies to help schools safely resume full operations.”

  • As of October 6, 2021 - 55.9% of residents in Foster and 58.9% of residents in Glocester are fully vaccinated

Source: Rhode Island COVID-19 Vaccine Data (arcgis.com) (retrieved 10/8/21)

Parents please note that RI General Law (RIGL) permits a person age 16 or older to consent to certain medical procedures. Under state law (RIGL § 23-4.6-1): “Any person of the age of sixteen (16) or over or married may consent to routine emergency medical or surgical care. A minor parent may consent to treatment of his or her child.”

To find information on vaccines, make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination, and get answers to frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, visit C19VaccineRI.org.

Reducing the Length of Quarantine – Using the Seven Day Quarantine Period

Recent stated guidance released on August 13th states: “Based upon the current case rates, the limited spread within Pre K-12 settings, the high vaccination rates in Rhode Island, and the importance of in-person learning, schools are recommended to implement the ‘7 day with testing’ quarantine option. This option is the least disruptive to students' education and to families' lives. With this option, close contact individuals can return to school on Day 8 with a negative test from Day 5 or later, and should also watch for symptoms until 14 days after exposure.”

Please Continue to Proactively Notify the School of a Possible or Actual COVID

During the 2021-2022 school year please continue to notify your child’s school if your child is a symptomatic case, probable case, confirmed case, or a close contact of a case and have your child remain home and learn virtually. If a household member tests positive for COVID-19 your child/children must remain home and learn virtually. Moreover, if your child or a household member had a COVID-19 test and you are waiting or result, please have your child/children remain home until you have received the test results and verified that they are negative.

This could eliminate the need for other students / staff to quarantine if your child ultimately tests positive. Please notify your child’s school of his/her status using the following email addresses so we may plan and respond accordingly:

Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School Families please email - cipcovidereporting@paineschool.org
Ponaganset Middle School Families please email - pmscovidreporting@fgschools.com
Ponaganset High School Families please email – phscovidreporting@fgschools.com

Closing Thoughts
Please keep in mind that as the status of COVID may change in our communities our plans would need to adapt accordingly. Our ability to keep our schools fully open, will depend on information and directives received from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the RI Department of Health, and the RI Department of Education. As much as we hoped the 2021-2022 would be a full return to normal, we need to continue some of the COVID-19 mitigation strategies for the immediate future.

Again, thank you for your partnership last year and this year.


Dr. Michael S. Barnes
Proud Superintendent Foster and Foster-Glocester Regional Schools

Parent Resource Center

Healthy in body & mind means better learning, habits & relationships

Retake Picture Day is Wednesday, November 3rd

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Optimistic October

Especially when things are feeling a bit tough, it can help to set some goals. Making goals achievable and ensuring that you have a few short term as well as longer term, more ambitious goals helps us feel we're making progress. It doesn't matter if your goal for the day is something really small, the important thing is to give yourself the opportunity to feel like you've achieved something and to celebrate that! This month's calendar is full of ideas to help you think about how you can put this into practice.


Action for Happiness App

Click here for app.

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Family Literacy Corner

Family literacy is a type of literacy education that emphasizes bringing reading and writing into the home and making it a family activity. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, students with a “richer home literacy environment displayed higher levels of reading knowledge and skills than did their counterparts with less rich home literacy environments.”

Below you will find a resource that will provide current event articles and some discussion starters related to the articles. Reading an article a week as a family and having discussions over dinner will provide benefits that include: increasing literacy skills, engaging in family conversations, and enhancing knowledge of current events.

Link to Newsela: https://newsela.com/

(This resource offers a free basic version. There is a caregiver/parent sign up option)

Conversation starters:

  1. Create and discuss your own headline for this article and explain why yours is better than the original.

  2. Discuss the visuals given in the article and how they relate to the topic.

  3. If a friend asked you, “what was that article about?”, how would you summarize it?

  4. Ask the following questions to prompt meaningful connections between what was read and what is relevant to the student’s life:

    1. What does this article remind you of?

    2. Are there any elements of this article that are especially important to you and why?

    3. What information from this article cleared up any confusion you may have had about this topic?

Fundraising Corner

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CHIPOTLE, Smithfield Commons

October 27, 4 - 8 pm, 33% of proceeds from your purchase will benefit the Class of 2022

Click here for Flyer

APPLEBEE’S, 446 Putnam Pike, Smithfield

November 4, 4 - 9 pm, 15% of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit the Class of 2022.

Flyer must be presented.

TURKEY BINGO, Ponaganset High School, Cafeteria

November 18, 6 - 8pm

Looking for donations for a basket raffle and other related donations. A link will be shared later as the date approaches.


We realize that we are in very uncommon circumstances and we are trying our hardest to make certain our Seniors have the best year possible. If you would like to support the Senior Class with a monetary donation so that these very important events will take place (COVID 19 restrictions permitting) Winter Ball, Prom, Senior Trip, Senior Banquet, and Senior Breakfast. Please go to the following link:

MY School Bucks

  • Go to Log In (upper right hand corner)
  • - Select Store
  • -If you do not see us on the first page please select under “Filter by Category”
  • Select General Donations
  • Then hit NEXT in lower right corner
  • Donate to Class of 2022

OR donations may be sent by check made out to:

Ponaganset High School Class of 2022


Ponaganset High School

ATT: Nancy Boyden, Class Advisor 2022

137 Anan Wade Road

N. Scituate, RI 02857

OR dropped off in the main office with Mrs. Safford in Mrs. Boyden’s mail box in the Main Office at PHS.

Please contact us to support any of these events:

Heather Bovenzi hbovenzi@fgschools.com

Ashlee Burns aburns@fgschools.com

Nancy Boyden nboyden@fgschools.com

Senior Class Advisors 2022

Thank you for your support!

2021-22 Foster-Glocester Regional School District Calendar

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Bus Information

Please be advised that at this time there are no late buses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your students bus situation, below are the bus yard numbers:

Glocester Bus Coordinator

Kim Hopkins/Jackie Dussault 568-6206 X239

Bus Companies

Glocester: Jacques 568-8433

Glocester: Hopkins 568-5096

Foster: Ocean State 397-7415

Statewide Bus, Heather Hargis 304-9136

Ponaganset High School Community Calendar

School Breakfast and Lunch Information

FREE Breakfast and FREE Lunch for ALL Students

Thanks to the continued funding from the USDA, we are pleased to announce that ALL students will have access to a FREE BREAKFAST & FREE LUNCH every day. Please take advantage of this great opportunity and receive your FREE meals.

Technology Corner

Ponaganset Athletic Schedules

Athletic schedules, forms, and important information

Ponaganset High School Facebook

Ponaganset High School Photos

Ponaganset High School Faculty and Staff Directory

Teachers, Counseling, Teacher Assistants and Secretaries

Ponaganset High School Website

Check out what is happening at PHS!

FFA Association Annual Fall Festival

State FFA association held its annual fall festival at Cucumber Hill Farm in Foster.