Daily Life In The 1930's

Tavis Jenkins and Michaela Hood

In the 1930's

  • This was a time when many people were evicted out of their homes and many workers had suddenly loss their jobs because of the crashing of the stock market.
  • Many workers called this era the "Great Depression".
  • President Hoover was soon replaced by Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR).
  • Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power in Germany in 1933.
  • Many women were very active during this time and was known for their significant events.

1930's Entertainment

  • Movies became very popular with the addition of sound.
  • Comedies, gangster, and musicals helped people forget their troubles.
  • Big bands and swing music were popular with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and a lot more.
  • Dancing was also a popular form of entertainment.
  • The radio and movies had coasted money out of many consumers.
  • Listening to the radio was a way people would stay connected and knows what's going on.

1930's Fashion

  • Factory made garments were more like a "ready to use" type clothing. It wasn't as fashionable, but it became extremely popular for the women who couldn't afford custom garments.
  • In the 1930's, females used to wear dresses that showed less cleavage than most females in present time.
  • Males were the same, it was more easier to buy their dress clothes.
  • Many males could buy a whole suit along with three pairs of socks and pairs of shoes with just only $25.


  • Men's clothing didn't change as time past, but it did became more urban.
  • In the 1930's, ties and slacks was known to be worn as if it was an everyday thing.
  • Males and females clothing were very cheap compared to the prices at this time period.