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Solana Santa Fe Stuff

Noteworthy Dates

12/21 - Vacation!! YEAH!!

1/6 - Return to Solana Santa Fe (a little yeah!)

1/8 & 9 Apple Training for some...

1/13 & 1/14 Common Core Evening Training grades 3 - 6

1/16 Solana Pacific Teachers Visit

1/22 Leadership Walk Through - more details to follow

Please Think About...

  • Revisiting your classroom structures and routines when we return from the break. All the students can use a refresher and New Year's Resolutions may be helpful. Remind students that respect can make everyone feel important.
  • We have lots of new students starting at Solana Santa Fe after the break and we need to help our students welcome the newcomers into our family.
  • The MAP testing schedule - Let Tiffany know if you need changes.
  • Checking out the new digital citizenship curriculum by Common Sense. It will be adopted by the board in January and used in the computer lab, but there is also lots of supplemental curriculum you can use in class.

Thank You - Becky's Gratitude Journal

Thank you to our Social Committee for a fun and well attended holiday party.

Thank you for participating in the Speak Up Survey.

Thank you to Angie for sharing the above video.

Thank you to Tori Kuzman for maintaining such a positive outlook.

I wish you a joyful holiday season and a relaxing break. Enjoy your family and friends and a good book or two!