Help Wanted

Looking for Vending Manager and General Manager

VendTech needs more employees!

In a little over two years our company, VendTech, has gone from having 43 employees to over 450. Today we are looking to expand our business into Virginia Beach, and to do so we need more hardworking employees that share our vision for the company.

the jobs

Vending Manager is the asset who drives to different vending machine locations and performs refills and small repairs on the machines.

General Manager makes the schedule for the Vending Manager and sells our machines to more interested locations. This asset also orders refill supplies and performs general office management.

What is required of Vending Managers

  • Test vending machines
  • Refill and restock machines
  • Order parts and make service calls
  • Perform repairs
  • Contact repairmen if the repair is beyond your abilities

What we are looking for in a Vending Manager

  • High School Diploma
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Pass tests given pre-employment
  • Must be able to complete moderate physical tasks

What is required of general managers

  • Manage vending properties
  • Order stock for vending machines
  • Market and sell vending machines
  • Create schedules/agendas

What we are looking for in a general manager

  • Good communication skills
  • Quick thinking
  • Leadership attributes
  • Bachelor or higher in a business associated diploma