Atom Bomb

Zack Pierce March 16, 2015


In this article there are two opposing sides on whether we should have dropped the atom bombs or not. The side that says we should have lists why we should have and why they are glad we did. Reasons such as they needed to end WWII as soon as they can and that there was already enough people that already died. the side that says we shouldn't have dropped them tried to look more on the "logical" side of it. Listing other things they could have done to end the war and saying the Atom bombs were unnecessary.

Supporting details

Yes- "More than 100,000 Americans had already died fighting the Japanese in the Pacific, and an invasion was certain to be very costly in American lives."

"It was the most promising way to end the war as soon as possible and without the drawbacks of the other options."

No- "It wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing- Dwight D. Eisenhower"

"American intelligence officials believed the war would likely end when two things happen: When the U.S. let Japan know the emperor could remain as a figurehead"

Real-world Application

This article has use because it shows two strong opposing sides of a conflict that we had, and if you didn't know anything about the event; it really gets you thinking and helps you pick a side. The article is also strong in fact so it gives the reader something to rely on and stand behind.

This article can help the reader in the their lives because it helps them make a decision and stick with the decision you have made, even if there is an opposing side to it.

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