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January 19th, 2015

<Issue #6>

Once again, we are keeping it as brief as possible. I have a few updates that you will want to know about and then a feature on the upcoming Club LC event on January 28th. Please read through each article.

Updates and Reminders

Newsletter Archives (Reminder #1)

Do you want to locate articles or resources from prior newsletters? Click here to view the Learning Commons Newsletter Archives. This resource is a Google Doc so all articles are in a simple and readable format as well.

Secure Print

Beginning on February 1st we will be implementing Secure Printing on Popeye and Olive Oil. Our hope is that this will eliminate annoying print interruptions, prints getting mixed in with someone else's copies, and overall print costs associated with accidental and unnecessary prints. In addition, this will also help keep these two devices running longer with fewer repairs required.

Please remember that all prints of 8 or more pages should be sent to the copiers or sent in for Central Office Printing. The district has the capability to monitor all print jobs sent from your computer/screen name. Excess printing to classroom devices is a major expense that can be avoided if we all send our prints to the copiers instead.

Instructions on how to use Secure Print will be provided during Club LC and a flyer will also be send out at the end of this month to assist you during this transition.

Tech News and Helpful Tips

Club LC is next Week!

It is almost here! So what do you need to be thinking about in the meantime?

#1 - Sign up for the Appetizer/Dessert Contest

#2 - Be ready to select which Micro-workshop sessions you are most interested in when Kyle comes by to visit with you this week during your team/department meeting. See schedule for details.

#3 - Start planning out your costume...(consider agreeing on a theme with your team or department) Remember we will be having a VIP costume contest as well. Prizes will be given out to those with the best VIP costumes! To dress like a VIP simply dress like someone in a high profile profession. You can be specific and choose a celebrity (e.g. Lebron James) or be general and choose a profession (e.g. Professional Basketball Player aka Sports Athlete)

#4 - Decide on what time you will be coming down: Personal Plan, Team Plan and/or Lunch (You are welcome to come down multiple times throughout the day if you wish to do so) Kyle will need this information when he stops by to meet with you.